Edge | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Time travel and trademark visual flair and can't mask a disappointingly formulaic entry in the series.

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Organization XII2483d ago

Proves how Square Enix have messed up big time with the series. I guess that's what we get when a Japanese franchise tries hard to cater for western audience. Oh well, at least there's still some hope with Versus - if it ever comes out!

badz1492483d ago

fishing for hits? again?

Tameel12483d ago

A site is "fishing for hits" just because they didn't automatically give a Final Fantasy game a good score? WTF?

Gaming sites just can't win. If they give a game a good score, they are accused of being biased. If they give a game a bad score, they are accused of fishing for hits.

Army_of_Darkness2483d ago

I can't seem to understand why SE decided to use characters that no one really cares about on a sequel to the game that was boring and crap to begin with?! Why didn't they just stick with strickly lighting as the main character instead?! I hear this ff game is just about over 20hrs long?!! Wtf?! Most ff games I played usually clock in at about 40hrs at least!

badz1492483d ago

I'm not a huge fan of FF but I don't think it deserve a 5 when many other sites give it at least an 8! plus, this is EDGE we are talking about, they are infamous for this type of behavior!

MariaHelFutura2483d ago

Honestly... What did you expect from Edge? Like seriously..

Its higher than I expected from Edge. TBH.

Pozzle2483d ago

"I can't seem to understand why SE decided to use characters that no one really cares about on a sequel to the game that was boring and crap to begin with?!"

NGL, I'd play the hell out of a game starring Sazh. He's an under-appreciated character imo.

CarlitoBrigante2482d ago

A 5/10 is still too high for this game, this game shouldnt never have been made in the first place, nobody asked for this game.

While FFX got a sequel just becoz it was so great and fans screamed for it.

Desperation Squeenix, desperation, pathetic to give us something we never wanted.

iChii2482d ago

Fishing for hits? Nabro. This game just sucks, period. Why did they even make this garbage? No one asked for it. Instead of making this stupid crap, can't SE focus on FFv13?

Well whatever, I just hope my GRANDSON'S KIDS enjoys FFv13 on the Playstation 9.

2v12482d ago

no they must tink is that shiti

knifefight2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

@Tameel1 EXACTLY correct. Ugh.

@defenders of the game and whiners about the score.
Why is someone "fishing for hits" when they review FF13-2 the same way they reviewed FF13?

Why is a bunch of other, more positive reviews suddenly "proof" that their opinion is "wrong"? Did you not learn the difference between fact and opinion in elementary school?

Do you not realize there are a LOT of people that will find Final Fantasy 13-2 "just OK"? After what happened to the first game, is that REALLY a suprise? That shouldn't surprise anyone.

Heck, in Japan, the game has been out for 6 weeks and still hasn't hit the 1st weekend sales of the first game. It's at barely over half (about 780k compared to a little over 1.5 mil). Yeah. People fighting this news are just struggling to come to grips with the fact that they like a game that not EVERYone is going to enjoy. Congratulations, we are humans.

badz1492482d ago

I'll set the record straight here: I'm not defending the game in any way possible! it's just that I think 5/10 is too low!

"Why is someone "fishing for hits" when they review FF13-2 the same way they reviewed FF13?" - they were also fishing for hits back then, so...

I agree that this is their opinion, but I'm not obliged to agree with it!

"just OK"? ask anybody here if they think 5/10 is = "just OK"! just OK is more like between 7 and 8! 5 is pretty much CRAP!

sales dictate the score now? since when? so CoD is 10/10 since it sales the most, right? pfft

knifefight2482d ago

1) 5 is average. This idea is the minority but it's not unheard of. There are whole websites that use this practice, RPGLand and PlayStation LifeStyle among them. Many other places use 3/5 as Average (60%), such as RPGamer and Game Revolution.

2) I didn't say you have to agree with it, but LOOK at what you turn around and say. You force your opinion on someone and say "5 is too low!" Obviously it's not too low to the people giving it that score.

3) Sales do not dictate a score. I am using sales to demonstrate that this game is not desirable to a whole lot of people. These are people who didn't like FF13.

Kurt Russell2482d ago


an 8 is not "just OK" an 8 usually implies a pretty great title... Thinking like yours is why game reviewers can't win and why too many games are rated 9 and 10's when they bring nothing new to the table.

And before you say "5 is just too low" perhaps you should try playing the game?

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GraveLord2482d ago

Funny how you trolls flock to the low scores the game gets but when it gets a 9 or 8 you just ignore it.

killerhog2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

'cater to western audiences'? dude i see nothing in this game that can relate to european/western taste. this is a full-on JRPG. the only (well i was able to emerge myself with ff 4 and 6) and last FF i was able to relate to was FF8 the characters/story were believable in that game

iamtehpwn2482d ago

To Put this in prospective, Edge also gave the incredible Final Fantasy X a 6/10. So This doesn't really mean too much.

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Cloudberry2483d ago

The same score with the first XIII, albeit it's not that "linear" again... : |

fluffydelusions2483d ago

I kind of enjoyed FFXIII but the linearity not so much.

Rage_S902483d ago

I hope square takes this as a wake up call.

Stealth2k2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

what wake up call?

you mean the fact that it got the same score as the first from this site and that it will sell millions and have an average score of around 84?

Out of the 15 or so games this gen with the ff name in it most of them have been great

in fact I am knee deep in 2

ff type zero and 13-2

so far 13-2 is at an 80 percent from game rankings


truth stings huh?


you proved my point that only idiots are posting ( no offense only when it comes to ff)

On average its been getting the same scores ( some outliers, mostly 8-9). Couple that with amazing sales for a side game on a system in japan with a low install base. Hell in japans largest retailer it was the third highest selling game of the year and they only had about a month of data on it. Its preorders in the US are much higher.

Saying anything that by the end of its life will sell over 2 million copies is ridiculous.


I agree its about the worst ff ive played ( 13) but its still a good solid game. I just dont see the need to complain


dragon quest IV,V,VI remakes ( 2 of which are first time in the US)
draogn quest joker 1 and 2
valkyrie profile covenant
kingdom hearts ddd
4 warriors of light
revant wings
ff tactics advance 2
crisis core
ff type zero

The list goes on and on. I can go about 40 games deep of awesome titles squares been apart of

Which is why theyve hit profit records 3 seperate years this gen

What your doing is generalizing and twisting my words.

Rage_S902483d ago

On average it's been getting lower scores so far and couple that with the disappointing sales.

Snookies122483d ago

Let's just put it this way, that I'm sure just about everyone can agree on... It's not up to Final Fantasy standards, period.

It can be a good game, it can be a great game, but it's not up to the FF name.

Drekken2483d ago

You are absolutely delirious. Square couldn't make a good game to save their life this gen.

I see you base your "opinion" on game reviews which are all swayed by swag and teenage-girl-like-hype. These journalists lately don't deserve one bit of respect and neither do their game scores.

Millions of people are buying Kinect adventures too... I guess that means its good. I got a change to see that abomination in action this week and its worse than I imagined.

RedDead2483d ago

Dragon quest is NOT made by S-E/ I dunno if they publish or whatever, but the don't develop it. Just sayign anyway, I hope the sales speak this time around anyway, hopefully it'll sell alot worse than FFXiii

Yi-Long2483d ago

Final Fantasy XIII sold mostly on HYPE and brand-recognition. Not on quality.

Many who bought the game, were reporting within weeks how disappointed they were with the game.

I doubt THOSE gamers will now jump on FFXIII-2 again.

Personally, I might check out the asian release of this game cause it's the only version that will have the original language WITH english subs.

I have ZERO interest in the dubbed western release.

IF I decide to buy it though, it will be later in the year when it's in the bargainbins.

It seems all the talent has left Square these last few years.

I would be more excited about the announcement of a HD port of Xenoblade Chronicles coming to 360/PS3, than I would be of the announcement of a new Square-game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

A 5/10 is what the game deserves. 13-2 is going to sell less than 13 because this time people know they are buying a crap game. I bought 13 despite people telling me that I wouldn't like it. This time around I know what I'm dealing with and will not be buying the game at all...

I know there are others out there that feel the same way I do.

And I find it hilarious that you base whether a game is good or bad off Review Scores and Sales. And that 80 it currently has will drop.

killerhog2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

its score is at 79 right now dude lol

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ritsuka6662483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

This new iteration of FF does not sound sufficiently different from FFXIII. i never thought the day would come when Id pass altogether on a brand new FF title, but it has. sad this..

Crystallis2482d ago

I totally agree. Who knew the day a new final fantasy game would be released and the majority of interest in it is practically zero. Thats pretty sad.

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