Monster Hunter PS Vita Coming Soon?

Monster Hunter looks like it is coming to the Vita after last year being said that it would not be making an outing on the system. Expected to be coming this year according to CEO of Playstation France Philippe Cardon.

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tehpees32511d ago

Now that would sell some Vitas in Japan.

Fevron2511d ago

Indeed it would, not only in Japan either. It is a shame they could not do a nice release bundle with such a game.

Mikhail2511d ago

That's it.I'll put into hold buying a new graphic card and buy the vita instead.

Kennytaur2511d ago

I'm having the same problem, choosing between a new graphics card or a Vita. Hopefully I can get both within the year.

supremacy2511d ago

I will say this right now.

Anyone who thinks monster hunter isnt coming to vita needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

One of Sony's top brass has already comfirmed this not long ago.

Not in his exact words but... He was quoted saying "we just didnt have compelling ips for the japanese gamers, there is monster hunter coming, but its not ready yet".

I mean you have to be naive to think otherwise.

I can think of a few reasons for the delay of such a game.

One of those being the fact the vita features full psn integration, nevermind graphical improvements.

zerocrossing2511d ago

While I agree with you, we both know MH4 is only a matter of time =)

Game4life2511d ago


Monster hunter 4 is multiplatform

HarvesterOSarow2511d ago

Incorrect Cy_Wolf. No Shamalama ding dong here. It'll be Monster Hunter Portable 4, otherwise they would have shown footage like Nintendo showed for the 3DS. This will most likely be built from the ground up with similar monsters to 4 for the 3DS, as well as other staple creatures from the franchise.

smashcrashbash2511d ago

And most likely will be the better version.

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The story is too old to be commented.