Battlefield 3 developer looking for "Anti-Cheat Administrator"

Battlefield 3 developer DICE is looking for "Anti-Cheat Administrator" to to keep their games free from cheating. The advertisment from DICE reads as, "In our continued effort to keep our games free from cheating, we are now looking for an internet-savvy administrator,"

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Burning_Finger2513d ago

They should hire someone from Infinity Ward. lol jk

bobrea2513d ago

Yea, and? When did this site become

specialguest2513d ago

It takes a cheater to bust another cheater, and this guy looks like he's one of the most creative in the business.

PetitPiPi2513d ago

They should try N4G since there seems to be a lot of people with absolutely nothing to do. Back to work! ;)