What Would Be The Skyrim Killer? Part 1

Can any game really challenge the Elder Scrolls throne? eGamer journalist, Adam, attempts to answer this question.

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AfricanWoolf2508d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur & Mass Effect 3.

Skyrim has 8 more days in my home.

Then Mass Effect 3

Skyrim DLC, Mass Effect DLC and Kingdoms DLC.

Life is good :D

hellzsupernova2508d ago

anything that isnt broken....
Kingdoms is sounding alot better and Mass Effect 3 i agree with completely cannot wait to get back into that universe

guitarded772507d ago

Skyrim killer == Gran Turismo.

I know they're completely different, but I've clocked in some unreasonable amount of hours on GT5. GT is the RPG of racing games.

ATi_Elite2507d ago

oh some little ole game called...............


which will most likely be the killer of everything not named Diablo III!

(speaking from PC perspective)

NeoTribe2507d ago

Kingdoms seems alittle weak in comparison. Demo was not the greatest. Mass effect isn't even an rpg anymore so why even try and act like it is. Me2 held ur hand the whole way through and just truly sucked in every way possible. 3 probably will suck as well. They ruined dragon age 2 and mass effect2, why get excited for 3.

RedDead2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Good combat(either strategic Rpg, or just decent Action rpg)

Feeling of character progression(strength wise and recognition) against the world(Demons/darks souls, Witcher 1 and 2, Dragon age, Kotor, FF, Morrowind). And affect the world via actions. Not just a random assortment of fetch/kill quests which no character will remember or care about.

Decent story.

CraigBaker2508d ago

Skyrim was horrible, I sold my copy including map for 1600 microsoft points and was glad to do so. We dont need a Skyrim killer because Skyrim still hasn't dethroned Dragon Age: Origins as best RPG. I am looking forward to Amalur, but still won't come near Origins for its amazing scale and story telling.

Spydiggity2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

i hated dragon age. it was like playing an MMOrpg without the MMO. just crappy, dice-roll combat trying to masquerade as real-time combat. yawn!

skyrim destroys it. but i don't think skyrim is all that great. i couldn't bring myself to finish it after 80-100 hours of side quests and wandering.

REALLY looking forward to Reckoning

lionelglitchy2508d ago

anything thats not full of glitches would be a good starting point

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The story is too old to be commented.