Warhawk: The Skies are Alive

As part of GameSpy's Game of the Year Interview Series, they speak with Warhawk's Senior Producer, Harvard Bonin.

GameSpy: We've heard that the PlayStation 3 is a real beast to develop on, but with Warhawk you managed to generate spectacular visuals running at a superb framerate. What do you think of the PS3 as a development platform? And what do you think we'll see from the system moving forward as more developers master it?

Harvard Bonin: Our experience has been very positive and, given that we are focused only on the PlayStation 3, reasonably straightforward. The extreme power built in this machine has only been touched on. Warhawk tapped into it but now that I've seen games like Uncharted I'm really excited to see what else we can tap into.

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Kleptic3599d ago

overall game of the year?

Best multiplayer game of the year?...definitely...imo at least...although I haven't had much time with UT3 at all yet, which has a similarly crazy amount of shat going on at once...but since they fixed the glitches with Warhawk, its just about as good as online gaming can get...can't wait for the pack next thursday...

killer_trap3599d ago

i agree, you can't have more fun online anywhere else. and i wish more games will allow 4 people to play online from one system. this option was the main reason i liked the game a lot.

Omegasyde3599d ago

I agree a great game at a great price. I just wish the game had more maps.

Lanontscuz3599d ago

warhawk 2 bring it on lol well the map pack bring it on will be good enough can't wait its gonna be HARD to split my time wit WH and COD

Rice3599d ago

awwww, never played warhawk, i think im missing out.

Imallvol73599d ago

I own a ps3, 360, wii, and computer (along with halo 3, gears, resistance, counter strike, etc) and Warhawk is the most fun by far in multiplayer. I would give the nod to Gears and REsistance for single player.

DJ3599d ago

Have the best multiplayer experiences of any game this year; in fact, it's hard for me to rate one over the other. That's how close it is.

Kleptic3599d ago

I am finally getting a little tired of CoD4...its great online...but after 50+ hours there really isn't much new happening...

and no dedicated servers really takes its toll...I can't stand hosts shutting games down after 3 kills...a bank of servers like warhawk has just running certain game modes non stop would help a lot...whenever an expansion shows up for it, I will definitely get back into it...but next thursday (and especially Christmas day after opening UT3) will pretty much retire CoD 4 for a while...

I would definitely give CoD 4 the best fps of the year imo...the single player is fantastic also, and the length never really bothered me...

but I have over 70+ hours into warhawk, and still can find new stuff to racing has been particularly fun lately...

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The story is too old to be commented.