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360ICE2487d ago

Sort of like Mirror's Edge with more spiders and less asians. Those would be the only things that separate this from Mirror's Edge.

MariaHelFutura2487d ago

That comment was nothing short of amazing....

cloud4952487d ago

I hope it doesn't disappoint like most other movie to video game titles. More like shattered dimensions and less like edge of time.

FEARprototype2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

keep it away from shattered dimensions and edge of time!!!

it should be more of a hybrid between spider-man 2 and spider-man web of shadows.

Outside_ofthe_Box2486d ago

Should be a hybrid of spider-man 2 and batman arkham city in my opinion.

Snookies122487d ago

Wow, man I really hope it's open world like Spiderman 2 was... That would actually cause me to buy this... o_o I had way too much fun on Spiderman 2 just swinging around the city, grabbing guys and chucking them off skyscrapers lol.

ThirstyforFanta2487d ago

If you only read the article..

"Developer Beenox confirmed that the game will go back to its open world roots, allowing players to freely swing around Manhattan."

MariaHelFutura2487d ago

Thanks. I don't click articals from N4G anymore.

mttrackmaster382486d ago

It doesn't mean the web swinging is actually done well in this version. I honestly don't trust Beenox to make a good open-world spiderman game.

r212487d ago

looks good, release some gameplay vids and lets see how open world the game is >:D

WitWolfy2487d ago

The original Spider-Man 3 game didnt dissapoint. I kinda liked it

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