Curt Schilling defends Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass

"We MUST make a profit to become what we want to become" says Curt Schilling.

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theeg2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

this stuff is only going to get more and more common, and while i cannot say i like it, i understand the intent and where the devs/publishers are coming from.

i bet next gen all games will have codes, and you will enter it upon booting up your game and it will sync that code to your live/psn/wii ware account, similar to what many pc games do already.

unfortunately, it's just the way the industry moves.

it sux, but whatever, i want devs to get my money for their hard work, not the slags at gamestop.

Montrealien2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

This is basicly the same as the Mass Effect and Dragon age passes so I do not see a problem with this. And a gamer who believes in the used game market, these online passes are imho the best medium we have found for both to work together and that is a good thing as a whole for the industry.

badz1492485d ago

I get the point of online pass. but I hate it when devs misuse it like this!

Online pass is understandable for an online game because server maintenance cost money but what's there for a SP only game? NOTHING and this is just a dick move from their side!

Heartnet2485d ago

But without the "slags" at gamestop many people who dont look on this website and magazines etc wont know that the game even exsists and the markup for new games is alot lower than used games and since many people can only afford used its a bit of a slap in the face to the poorer people :(

Dlacy13g2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

So whats stopping you from waiting to get it used? Ahhhh....thats right nothing. Game will still be massive... still ends the same... you just wont get a cool side mission and some loot. So what? If you really cant afford it new...get it used and down the road when you can afford it by the pass if you really think its worth it. Problem solved.

Heartnet2483d ago


im just saying the publishers should treat the shops selling their game and pushing it to consumers a little better than just trying to put them out of buisiness by making you buy it new....

sure you can wait till down the line but thats hardly the point lol

Snookies122485d ago

Pshh, like they won't make a profit regardless... And some people bash on Twisted Metal's developer for NOT wanting it in his game, yet having to abide by rules and put it in.

Dasteru2485d ago

I don't understand why publishers feel the need to screw gamers over when they can just as easily throw a "Not for resale" tag on the game cases and extend their copyright's to not allow retailers to sell used copies. Punish the retailers for not sharing the profits, not the gamers for not always being able to afford new copies.

krisq2485d ago

I'm sure 'Not for resale' would work exactly the same as 'M' or 'AO' ratings are working right now. No one would give a s***.

BldyShdw2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Not for resale probably would not effect selling on in the end people would still get it someway cheap. (reply meant for dasteru not krisq)

Dasteru2485d ago

The not for resale tag by itself wouldn't do anything but if its tied into a copyright extension then any selling of them would be considered copyright infringement.

"Effects of the court’s decision could be widespread in the world of digital media, and has the potential to kill the huge used video game business that exists in the US today. A look at Electronic Arts’ EULA reveals a very similar verbiage as the AutoCAD EULA which states that the software is licensed, not sold."

@BldyShdw: Yes individuals would still sell used games on ebay but it would nix places like ebgames which is the major problem and reason for these online passes. A few people selling on ebay isn't going to cause enough of a problem to developers/publishers for them to need to continue with the online passes.

Genecalypse2485d ago

so its a single player rpg? why online pass?

kasasensei2485d ago

Online pass? damned... demo was great, but just because of that shit, I'll wait a big price drop before getting it.

Captain Qwark 92485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

that doesnt even begin to make sense, the online pass comes with it new anyway so as long as your not looking to buy it for $55 used instead of $60 new at gamestop, this shouldnt even matter. also i bet if you wait a week or two target will have it for sale $10 off like they always seem to.

i dont really agree with the online pass, for multi or single but to not buy it becuase of it, thats retarded. if you were planning to buy it new to begin with then the online pass really doesnt effect you.

i personally buy all my games new simply becuase on top of playing, i also collect them and like for all my games to be in mint condition.

now lastly i think people are just complaining on this one becuase of the timing. he says the content unlocked is day one dlc, now while i highly doubt that is true, if this game came with a pass that you entered when you bought it new and they told you that it would unlock future dlc for free, say 2 months from now, everyone would be praising them for their awesome fan support. but they're launching it on day 1 which leaves everyone with the idea that they simply cut content during the original development ( which they prob did ), and then are charging us for it again ( which technically speaking, we would have already funded the development of with our initial purchase ).

jetlian2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Good my fellow gamer I have pledged to buy new games at 10- 20 dollars less starting this year. The online pass games are totally at the 20 maybe more limit!!!

Sick of the extra hoops you gotta go through to play games now.

edit: lets be real how is 10 dollars even equal to a new 60 dollar game? So its all BS

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