New video from The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360

That's how The Witcher 2 (Xbox 360) looks like 2,5 months before release.

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Shok2514d ago

A lot of the lighting effects I find on the PC version are gone, but this still looks pretty decent.

StraightPath2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

and upcoming graphical masterpiece console exclusive for Xbox 360. Makes it impressive having those graphics with open world nature. Not ahem linear games with good graphics. First day purchase never got to play it on PC but now have the oppotunity. Game looks amazing , feel quite sorry and sad for PS3 users missing out this killer RPG game. Hope they do get it later i guess because if they dont they will be crying and wanting this game so badly they will purchase an Xbox 360.

Witcher 3 is coming multiplatform keep your heads up PS3 fans. That is what is good about having all consoles rather then trying to justify your own console. I can play all exclusive games.

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no_more_heroes2514d ago

considering this is on over 6 year old hardware I'd say this looks very impressive.

fooxy2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Yeah ! Plus big thumbs up for dev team for enhancing title to 2.0 compared to pc vanilla build :)

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akaFullMetal2514d ago

wow, that looks really good.

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The story is too old to be commented.