Thermaltake: Kings of gaudy

PC Rigs usually come in two flavours - stock-standard, and super-pimped up; and when it comes to pimping PC parts, it's tough to top Thermaltake. MyGaming's Derrick Cramer takes a look at some of the most over the top, gaudy offerings from Thermaltake.

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BiggCMan2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I've heard that the Level 10 case is very good, I just think it's very ugly and that's why I didn't get it for myself, plus it's pretty expensive. I like the Chaser MK-1 from Thermaltake, which is what I did end up getting.

Mikhail2513d ago

The level 10GT is ugly but functional. I like the Phantom more. It blends well with my consoles and TV.