The Great Khali To Be In WWE '13?

If anyone watched the Royal Rumble earlier today, you would have noticed the crowd erupted when they saw The Great Khali in the match. THQ is now thinking of putting him in WWE '13.

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Mikeyy2212d ago

I quit watching when this joke started wrestling. He is as fake as the wwe. No talent. Fan favorite? L o l

PirateThom2212d ago

I haven't watch wrestling in many a year... but when I watched once, this bloke was running about... he pretty crap. His only skill is that he's very tall...

Drazz2212d ago

He has an intimidating grunt...

R_A_LEE202212d ago

I don't understand why they don't add him as free DLC for WWE 12 if he's such a fan favourite.

CaptainSheep2211d ago

They'd be wasting a spot if they added him. All he does is chop. Chop, chop, chop. His matches are the most boring ever.