Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Metro review

Metro: An improved sequel on paper only, with an overall experience that is still ruined by incoherent storytelling and unsympathetic characters. Final Fantasy still has a long way to go to return to the series' previous highs. And based on this we're still not sure if it's even going in the right direction.

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killerhog2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

ohhhh man... you gonna get it now. i feel for this journalist. he's gonna be busy reading hate mails and threats.

Baba19062485d ago

i know i liked the demo. so i dont care if he didnt like it. i dont believe that the game is that bad. ot even 13 was 6 out of a 10 in my opinion. and everyone says that 13-2 is better so yay =D

Taz Yamauchi2485d ago

Is there going to be any summoning in this game?

Inception2485d ago

No, there's no summoning in here. They replace it with monster that you can catch and play it as you're party member.

Taz Yamauchi2485d ago

The last Final Fantasy I played that didn't have summons was X-2 and thatdid not turn out very well for me, So Adios 13-2 I'll wait for versus whenever it comes

Godmars2902485d ago

in regards to summoning in vsXIII - don't think they've shown any sign, given any indication that it even exists in that world.

RedDead2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Actually Godmars they are in it, we have to look around the world for a lot of them as well. I believe we are in control of them during battle too unless my memory is faulty. He spoke of Bahumut and ifrit I think.

http://www.videogamesblogge... Summon command, I can't be bothered to look through the countless articles over the last few years to find the specific info on them

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Godmars2902485d ago

I'm really not getting how "bad" or "no" story, and "shallow" characters simply aren't registering for the people who are trying to defend this game. Regardless of review scores, that seems to be a constant.

Good gameplay is always a nice thing, should be expected, but if there's no story, no involving characters, then what's the point of playing something called an "R-P-G?"

guitar_nerd_232485d ago

I agree completely, I need a good story to motorvate me through the game in the case of an RPG.

In fact I'd go as far as saying I'm more likely to finish a JRPG with a good story and terrible gameplay than good gameplay and terrible story.

N311V2485d ago

I'd go as far as saying I'm more likely to finish any type of game that has a good story regardless of gameplay quality. If the story sucks I'll eventually get bored and put the game down.

despair2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

lol, because every RPG has to have a great story right? There are many RPGs with crappy stories or decent stories that get rated high, they are singling out FFXIII-2 because of the popularity of the game and franchise, good and bad.

Most reviews do mention the sub-par story but most also mention all the good things as well and the average 8/10 score that I've seen quite a few reviewers give it reflects that. Its people who are adamant that the game is nonsense, especially when they haven't played it themselves, who are delusional.

This review and the score do not match. Also why should RPGs be singled out for story and other games get a pass, how many games have ridiculous or nonsensical stories and still get rated high.

That said a good story helps a lot though, but still, its not end all for a game, even RPGs.

Optical_Matrix2485d ago

"but if there's no story, no involving characters, then what's the point of playing something called an "R-P-G?"

Ask the people who enjoyed Skyrim or, play the vast majority of western RPG's. They seem to get along with lack of compelling plot and characters just fine I guess.

guitar_nerd_232485d ago

Yeah but WRPGs and JRPGs are very different beasts.

CLOUD19832485d ago

Cant agree more with u well said man, imo after 15years of playing JRPG a game of this type must have 1st of all good story, 2nd good characters & 3rd is gameplay and if u find all this things in 1 game and u also have an amazing soundtrack & countless secrets and a huge world that add replayability then u have a MASTERPIECE best example FFVII.

killerhog2485d ago

Ff 7 is overrated 8 is better

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