Rock Band: A Whole Lotta Rock

Rock Band is turning into a nationwide obsession. On the eve of GameSpy's annual Game of the Year awards, GameSpy talked with Greg LoPiccolo, the VP of Product Development at game developer Harmonix Music Systems, about Rock Band's impact and future.

GameSpy: Rock and Roll! Congratulations on the Game of the Year nomination. These days, in the age of techno and hip hop and a music industry in transition, do you think it was a big risk putting out a game about rock music? Do you think the rock star dream still resonates with people?

Greg LoPiccolo: We had some concerns about focusing on rock music a few years ago, but those concerns had pretty much melted away by the time we dug into Rock Band for real. I think a lot of people are reacquainting themselves with that dream through Rock Band, and younger players are encountering it for the first time and discovering how powerful it is. Rock is back!

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