IGN :BioWare: Choices and Consequences

What happens in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games when player choice is at odds with narrative direction? What does this mean for Mass Effect 3?

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vikingland12511d ago

The author has some good questions.

But the beauty of the Mass Effect games is that if you don't like the way it all ends you can play from the begining again.
I don't feel that DA series is going to be as epic as it could have been.
I will wait and see when DA3 releases hopefully I will be suprised.
But if I don't like the way it all goes in my DA play through I will play again.

grahf2511d ago

The main gripe the author has with both series is the ILLUSION of choice. This is more glaring in Dragon Age than Mass Effect at this point. We will find out in March if any of the major choices you made in ME1, which by the way didn't carry over to ME2 AT ALL, (and don't say Council choice... their role in the ME2 story is INSIGNIFICANT at best) surface in ME3. If they don't, I honestly wouldn't be surprised. I may actually spoil myself before committing $60 for the game, maybe $20 for the collectors edition, and another $200 for all the action figures, promotions, and whatever else I need to buy to make sure I have all the DLC (That is another sore spot...)

Dragon Age: Awakening was the first step in the wrong direction. If your warden was dead, they clearly had the story line worked out to include the Orlesian. Import stats, even equipment. Just not the character!

Dragon Age 2 was the nail in the coffin for me for the series. Anders is alive? Yeah, nice workaround there... LELIANA IS ALIVE?!??! I almost threw my controller at the screen. If I made either the specific choice or lived with the consequence of killing her, there should be NO reason that she is even in the game... "It wasn't my time..." The game and the Dragon Age style of story telling isn't worth my time either anymore.