God of War 4: What we want to see

CVG: With the rumours of God of War 4's existence ever increasing, Kratos' next adventure is on everyone's lips (except yours, before you comment saying "Not mine!"), ours included.

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thedude442514d ago

a prequel
something about the mayans

(think about the weapons the mayans had, god of war is creative and the mayans have an abundance of culture and myths. (just my point of view, whats yours?)

Pushagree2514d ago

I always thought atlantis would be good. Maybe a break of the series would do some good though. GOWIII lost it's touch a little bit with the story. All the talk of how hope is the best virtue and that generic "that power was in you all along" plot twist made it feel like a gorey disney movie.

capjacksparrow2514d ago

Atlantis was in Ghost of Sparta.

TheFallenAngel2514d ago

Naw Aztecs vs Spanish would be better. After all the Aztecs kicked some Spanish ass back then.

versusALL2514d ago

I don't want God of War IV to come out anytime this gen. I think we should just give it a break, Santa Monica should make a new IP in my opinion.

ElliePage2514d ago

I guess you didn't want God of War 2 to come out last gen either.

Of course God of War 4 should release this gen. Last gen had 2 GoW games and so should this one. They can always make God of War 5 for PS4.

Optical_Matrix2514d ago

Why 'should' this gen have two god of wars? lol especially when the story has finished, unlike last gen, when it had only just started.

Dat logic.

Pintheshadows2514d ago

I'd quite like a God of War RPG. But I feel that rather than accepting a quest from an NPC, Kratos is more likely to tear out their spine and beat their friends to death with it. So i'll go with spines as weapons.

Seriously though, the idea of an action RPG with God of Wars combat makes me drool a little.

Idea wise. Perhaps as he screwed earth it could be set against a backdrop of new Gods trying to take hold and Kratos simply does what he does best. Either way I think it will be epic.

BigBoss19642514d ago

Do they really think they'll replace Kratos, he's the face of that franchise lol

BitbyDeath2514d ago

I want to see it as a launch title for the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.