1UP: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Reveals a Series in the Throes of Awkward Adolescence

1UP: his gawky teenager of an RPG makes an earnest effort, but it's no longer one of the cool kids.

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DA_SHREDDER2511d ago

but it still receives a B? Get real 1up. You need to be real with yourselves before anyone can take you guys seriously.

Godmars2902510d ago

What's wrong with a "B"? Especially for a game as controversial as this one?

Wait, let me guess: they gave FFXIII an "A".

Maybe they're being more honest this time.

iamtehpwn2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

^I agree.
Even though I personally thought XIII was a half-way decent game, its review scores were far higher from a lot of sites than what it deserved (in part due to the massive hype and impressive presentation), so I think this time they were a lot more carefully examining of the title before giving it such a high score.

So I think that's why you see people, like on IGN, the same guy reviewed both games said XIII-2 was a much better game, and gave it a lower score.

Capt-FuzzyPants2510d ago

If they're being more honest than that just shows how game reviews are broken. Some games are graded harder than others and that's not really fair. It shows that scores can't really be trusted. I usually read the pros and cons and look at videos and things to make my decision unless the game is getting something like a 2/10.

VileAndVicious2510d ago

Lol yah Ive noticed the toned down scores this game has been receiving in comparison to 13. All the reviews generally seem to be positive though and overall many say its much more enjoyable than the first just a bit odd...

to me it sounds alot like FFX-2, which I personally enjoy infinitely more than FFX. But I have to admit it was VERY weird and the story didnt really make alot of sense.

From the demo I can see someone at least listened to many of the criticisms of XIII. So being a FF fan Ill give it a shot.