Angry Fans Start A Petition To Remove WWE Games From THQ

THQ has been making WWE Games for who knows how long, and now angry fans want someone else do it.

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golsilva2512d ago

ehh this always happens when only one company makes games for sports or other licensed content. Look at madden, it has no competition so the devs dont necessarily push themselves or their budget to create a great game. Fifa is a great example of a series that was seen before as 2nd rate compared to pro evolution, but that competition forced them to create what most consider the best soccer games currently. This all comes down to business. EA, Thq, etc pay a lot of money for exclusive contract to make sport games so you can partly blame nfl and wwe for allowing this.

iXenon2512d ago

WWE most certainly doesn't care. As someone who watches wrestling every week, WWE markets the game 10x more than THQ. They legitmately believe it's the best WWE game ever.

I can't imagine "two" WWE games being on the market, though. Unless they make one game feature only Smackdown wrestlers and another featuring only RAW wrestlers.

SwampCroc2511d ago

they just need to find a new formula that works... because the wrestling games back on N64 were the bomb-diggity....

But that was when wrestling was called WCW and WWF....

not this WWE crap...

Wintersun6162511d ago

True. The announcers kept saying that WWE '12 has the best graphics ever. Talk about false advertising.

Gaming1012511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Yeah won't work, people are too demanding and will want to be able to get all wrestlers in one game.
Plus, THQ owns the rights to WWE games, they have some contract with WWE that enables them and only them to make WWE games, otherwise you would see other competitors rising up and buying the license and making games like the old days when wrestling games were kickass - remember when Smackdown games had to compete with xbox exlusive Raw games? Eliminate your competition by getting exclusive rights to WWE license and you get what every other sports fan gets - a slightly more polished version of the same turd.
Also, the kid who wrote that dumb article (complete with spelling mistakes no less) just sounds like a whining baby, if he doesn't like the games then he should do his part by NOT BUYING THEM. Being a self entitled baby about it doesn't get anyone's attention in an executive office.

jbl3162512d ago

This petition is not going to work. No matter what your opinion is of the games, THQ renewed their contract with WWE for another 7 or 8 years more I think...They cannot simply break this contract no matter how angry the fans get.

Criminal2512d ago

Online petitions almost never work. for example: megaman legends 3.

RioKing2511d ago

True... but it never hurts to try :/

demetre722512d ago ShowReplies(1)
leathers1232512d ago

I think the petition might not be for the right reasons, but at least this will get THQ's attention and hopefully address some of the problems instead of the same engine/same game being released with a new 20_ _ number.

People complain about cod and still buy it. Same rule with FIFA, Madden.

This is whats ruining games industry repeat purchases of franchises. I for one am guilty of this.

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The story is too old to be commented.