GameStop hopes you suck at math

Looks like GameStop is trying to pull a fast one on us. I'm sure you all have heard by now that Resident Evil: Revelations, or as they spell it Revelaitions, just got a price reduction to $39.99 and GameStop has figured out a way to take advantage of those that stink at math.

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salinidus2509d ago

its seem like they just wanna screw people at every turn, check the vid the gamestop part is like at 7:35

-Mika-2509d ago

Or they didn't get a chance to update the site with the new pricing.

K26sephiroth2509d ago

Well I wouldn't be surprised that they would just leave it like that

jwk942509d ago

So what's the problem??

2pacalypsenow2509d ago

$19.99+$39.99 = around $60 not $70

telekineticmantis2509d ago

Gaming Journalism. Great Job!!!