Maxis Planning To Make Multi-Platform AAA Simulator Title

It seems that many job listing have been popping up which refer to some form of new game, and it appears that it has happened again.

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-Mika-2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Great i can't wait and hopefully the consoles get their full attention during development. Im tired of playing watered-down ports of the pc version.

Yi-Long2512d ago

... Just make a proper Sim City 5!!!!

I've been waiting so long. So very very long!

Kran2512d ago

New Sim City please :D

wallis2512d ago

How about something a little more hardcore than spore? Even sims has its appeal but spore felt like a minigame version of other games sewn together in a horrible way. Personally I'd like to see another ambitious project that needn't suffer the same "casual" ridden fate of spore.

We have the technology to make some cool ideas come to life. Why not have a go at a true God game? Something with a real kick to it that comes out of nowhere.