Glossy Eyed: 2012 end of the world prediction spawns a host of post-apocalyptic games

With the Mayan calendar ending this year and doomsday chatter running rampant around the globe, video game developers are looking to cash in on the hysteria. Well, thats what it looks like to me. There are ten solid post-apocalyptic games slated to drop this year with many more having that "end-of-the-world" aspect to their storylines. Have developers gone doomsday crazy? Is it too much and too similar for gamers? More importantly, do we have enough time to play them before the end?

No. No. And hopefully.

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MidnightSpecial2511d ago

Seems to have been a big thing for a while now (Fallout, Borderlands, Metro 2033, even MW3 in a way). Looks to be some interesting titles coming though.

Daver2510d ago

Dont know where they got their release dates...

I thought I am Alive had no release date yet except a "soon"

and Darksiders December 2012? its summer 2012