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Trendy Gamers: Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II have some serious issues. I recognize and appreciate the significant contribution they’ve made to the development of video games, especially in the role-playing genre, but they haven’t aged particularly well. The series has steadily improved itself with each iteration, so much so that returning to its roots feels simultaneously disappointing and tiresome. Amazing as they were for that time period, these games aren’t perfect, and their flaws have only become more apparent with age. Repetition of simple mechanics is a huge part of both titles, and playing them in the face of all the improvements made by their sequels is, quite frankly, an arduous task. I’ve seen many modern reviewers make assertions along the lines of “this is the way RPGs were meant to be,” or “Final Fantasy is still better than any RPG released in the last XX years,” and the comments feel rather disingenuous, fueled by the rose-tinted sunglasses of nostalgia. This does not necessarily make the Final Fantasy Origins bundle a bad game, and nor do I think it is one.

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knifefight2512d ago

I kinda like the PSP versions a little better but these are cheaper, at least.

Squatch832512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Final Fantasy Origins aint on PSP as a package is it?

Edit: Because thats what it says above...

TrendyGamers2511d ago

It is, its on the PSN for $9.99.

Stealth2k2511d ago

The psp physical versions are the best as they have the most content

thekiddfran2511d ago

Will we be able to play this on the vita?

TrendyGamers2511d ago

Not right away, the PSV doesn't have the ability to play PS1 games at launch but it will in an update down the road.