Batman: Arkham City Mod Allows For Playable Spawn New skin? Nope! New character! Check out Arkham City's Spawn mod after the jump!

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cyguration2487d ago

That's almost kind of badass.

Spawn is probably one of the most popular yet underrated anti-heroes out there. Everyone knows who he is but he only gets crap games.

This gets me thinking...Rocksteady needs to tackle a Spawn game. That game would be so mind-blowing...

m232487d ago

I think Rocksteady would make an awesome Spawn game, I wish it happens.

soundslike2487d ago

I get the feeling Spawn isn't "popular" enough for that these days.

Though if it happened, it definitely would become popular

TheGameFoxJTV2486d ago

Rumors are they are gonna make a TMNT game.

Animals_as_Leaders2487d ago

I remember playing Spawn of SNES, that game was badass. That was the first kind of anti-hero of the time. Batman et al were pussies back in the day, spawn was just awesome.

The violator was sick. I would to anything for a new spawn game.

soundslike2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

I played the Dreamcast version of the Spawn arcade game to death. you could play as the clown and morph into the violator, or you could just play as a violator.

even if it was kind of terrible by other people's standards, i still loved it lol

cyguration2487d ago

Oh yeah man, that SNES Spawn game was hard as heck but uber-fun.

That very first stage of that game is just so epic with Spawn starting off on the rooftops of the city. That song that plays in that stage is unbelievable. I've been looking around trying to find an orchestrated version of that song.

If Spawn gets a new game they need to just play that first stage of the SNES game to understand how it needs to look and feel. That game was so badass.

DeadManMcCarthy2486d ago

lol ironic since there was a comic called spawn vs batman but they later join sides.