Gaikai full-game streaming to start 3 months after launching on Facebook

Gaikai is set to launch full-game streaming services on its network of gaming and entertainment websites, ramping up its current demo-only model, GamesIndustry reports. After launching its cloud service on Facebook, Gaikai will roll out full-game streaming on retailer sites such as YouTube, Best Buy and Walmart, and on publisher sites such as EA and Ubisoft.

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chub0052513d ago

I dont like the way simple gaming is headed

Stealth2k2513d ago

money money money

less consumer rights

Sobari2513d ago

I can't get Gaikai to work under Linux. Java doesn't seem to work properly.

Rivitur2513d ago

This is a big step for them to be on such big websites. I play crysis 2 demo on the crappy 2003 dells at school all the time using Gaikai. I love how a crowd gathers when they see those graphics on the crap im playing it on.

GraveLord2513d ago

My internet connections is too slow to run these cloud things. I can guarantee at least 50% of America has the same problem.