What to Look Forward To in 2008

"next year is shaping up to have one of the most promising few months we've ever seen," writes's Phillip Radke.

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solar3817d ago

all those games should be great :D bring on 2008 wooooooo!

Dr Pepper3817d ago

The list could have been a bit longer I think, as it's looking like a ton of quality titles will be released in 08. Also, I think something else should have been there besides Army of Two (I know it's the author's opinion, but still...).

Bazookajoe_833817d ago

FF13, Resident5, Killzone2, Turok, Fable2, Dark sector, Wardevil, little big planet, Buzz (This is my oppinion), GT5, White knight story and alot more =)

PS360PCROCKS3817d ago

Resi evil 5 is 2009 bro...but yeah I completely agree but don't forget a new splinter cell, alan wake looks amazing, too human could (hopefully) end up very good, banja kazooie, their is a ton of titles and ones we still dont even know, maybe a new Gears? I dunna

Mikey_Gee3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

So will this lineup, it is a must to finally put a PS3 next to my 360 this holiday. Far to many game for both machines. I think I will be in the poor house sooner than later.

BUT .. here is my question ...

40GB model or 80GB model

Things to note in my needs.

- 99% of the time only I will be playing it. Maybe a friend from time to time (not sure if this matter with the 2 VS 4 USB ports)

- Playing PS2 games is not a concern of mine. My PS2 does a fine job.

- Maybe give some pros and cons of each.

- Is the PS3 BR function upgradable with Firmware updates to keep it up to date with new BR standards (ie Profile 1.0 vs. 1.1 vs. 2.0)


Comments, tips, advice on which model ??

I have research, but now want to hear from USERS/OWNERS for real life experiences.


Darkiewonder3817d ago

Even though you have a ps2 and it's in working condition. I would put the extra money and invest in a 80gb. Since i'll be better in the long run. 2 USB port is fine. Unless you are going to be crazily buying peripherals or plan to get rockband or something like that.

Bazookajoe_833817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

The diffrence is that it doesnt have backwards compability, but since that wasnt a problem for you it shouldnt mather. It has 2 usb instead of four, that is for when you charge the controlers or if u want to hook up a eyetoy or a usb memeory card. Dont worry about the 2 usb you charge a controler in an hour or two, and the battery will hold for 20 hour constant playing.

If i were you i would try to buy the 40gb with some sweet deal (i saw walmart had 10 free blurays when you bught the ps3, dont know if they still have it) Then you go and buy a 250 sata 7200rpm and switch the hd, then you got something that will last for a realy long time..

Edit: I live in Europe and have 60gb, but switched it to a 160. But i have soon filled it up. So i would recommend switching to a realy big hd either way. Otherwise i have had no problem what so ever with my ps3, it runs silent and smooth. I have heard that the 40gb model is more silent than the 80, but the 80 model do not sound much (specially if u compare it with a 360, my box sounds like a chainsaw, but i suspect it´s something wrong with it)

Mikey_Gee3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Hahaha, get your 360 looked at. Mine is very very quiet.

I do tend to lean toward the 40GB model. As for the two USB, can I use a USB Hub which in essance will give me the 4 (or with a 4 port hub really then I will have 6) ??

Also, I thought for the SATA 2.5" HDD you need a 5600rpm rather than the 7200 rpm ??

Does it matter ?? I can get a 160GB Sata 2.5" for $90 locally.

Just one more thing, with the 40 VS 80, I think the 40 DOES NOT have the Media Card reader either correct??

Either way, I will wait till closer to Christmas, since the Blu-Ray offerings and Game bundles only get better and better.

All the input is fantastic and appreciated. Keep it coming.

One more thing .. hard to tell from the YouTube vids .. is the 40GB shiny like the 80GB and does it have the Chrome accents??


HarryEtTubMan3817d ago

40GB is perfect and uses less power..if u need to add more harddrive you can buy 120 gb for likw 60$ dollars lol

Mikey_Gee3817d ago

You are on my block list. Not sure if I did it myself or if I filtered the low bubble post.

But thanks for the input.

EZCheez3816d ago

If you don't care about PS2 games, then save yourself $100 and get the deal at Wal-Mart with the $50 gift card on the 40Gb. And far as your questions go:

1.USB Hub-YES (40Gb owners use have to for Rock Band)
2.Memory Card Slots-none on the 40Gb
3.Paint job-Do you really care? Probably not. At least not when $100 are concerned.
4.HDD RPM's-Doesn't matter. There was a test about how the 7200's ran a little faster (obviously) but not that big of a difference. Just make sure you get a 2.5" SATA HDD. And again, something else you could use that extra $100 on if you get the 40Gb.

I wouldn't go with the 80Gb now because you're made to get Motorstorm, and while it's a great game, it's old now and you could probably find a better game that just released.

If I didn't already own my 60Gb, I would get the 40Gb without even thinking and find a good game and some downloads to spend that extra money on.

And as far as the best games to get go, i'll split them in case you're not an online guy. Remember, this is all personal opinion.

1.Uncharted (can't miss)
2.Oblivion (if you haven't already played on 360)
3.Ratchet and Clank TOD (Ton of fun and really funny)
4.High Velocity Bowling (Don't laugh, it really is fun)
5.Super Stardust HD (REALLY addictive)

1.Warhawk (you must play to believe)
2.COD4 (If you haven't already got it on 360)
3.RFOM (It's alright)
4.UT3 (Only game I don't have, but I will soon. That's why it's on the bottom)

Anymore question just let me know. You can even get game specific because I own a lot. Oh, and one more thing. This is the most important part. DON'T BUY LAIR. You'll cry yourself to seep.

Mikey_Gee3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

As for the finish, I don't care, but would like to know.

Lair NEVER had my attention, and anything animaie or japan style hack and slash I HATE !!

BTW, I am HUGE into online

games wise you listed:

1.Uncharted <--- Will buy
2.Oblivion <--- on my 360
3.Ratchet and Clank TOD (Ton of fun and really funny) <-- not my style
4.High Velocity Bowling (Don't laugh, it really is fun)
5.Super Stardust HD <--- never heard of it, but will investigate

1.Warhawk (you must play to believe)
2.COD4 <-- Got it on 360
3.RFOM (It's alright) <-- I am sure I will find for good price
4.UT3 <-- a must for me

Thanks again for all the help.

I also would love to see how it talks to my PSP.

cmrbe3816d ago

You care about BC then buy the 80gig or better the 60gig with actual PS2 chip. Also consider buying these models if you want to buy PS2 games if you don't have a PS2. 40gig cost less with no memory card reader, 2 Less USB ports from 4 and no BC. If you don't care about PS2 games then buy this one. My experience. The 60 gig is the best but thats just me. RFOM is a classic, buy also Uncharted and RC. These 3 are my favorite PS3 games.

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Mikey_Gee3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

.. for KZ2.

New to the PS3, I will have to grab RFOM and Warhawk to boot.

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