Comparison: Metal Gear Solid 3 on PS2, 3DS, and PS3/360

Take a look at how the visuals in Snake Eater 3D stack up against MGS3 on PS3/360 (HD Collection) and the original PS2 collection.

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Venox20082488d ago

actually pretty good comparison, still 3DS version will look better on smaller screen than on those bigger screens.. so now I want MGS 3D even more :) + Circle pad is coming to me too :) interesting will it be easier to control with or without it..

ps. don't trust reviews of circle pad pro, it has to be an individual thing to each one..

Baka-akaB2488d ago

If that's only that , i think i'd still rather play it on vita then

But as a big mgs fan , i'll probably end up having all versions anyway

Jio2487d ago

Well, the 3DS version looks amazing, but I'm getting the Vita version because for the same price as the 3DS version, I get 2 games.

Solid_Snake372487d ago

@jio is there a Vita version? Did Konami announce one?

fear882487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Yes the MGS Collection was fomally announced at E3 for the PS vita. If you are unsure, just google it. Kojima kept on talking up the transfarring feature for the Vita version in particular.

Jio2487d ago

@Solid_Snake37, The MGS HD collection, plus I have Peace Walker from when I downloaded it for the PSP, so it's a much better deal.

MaxXAttaxX2487d ago

If you think it'll be better on a smaller screen, then you might as well get it on the Vita because, you know, twice the resolution looks better and what not.

Other than that, big screen HD versions are the way to go.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32487d ago

What person would disagree that the 3DS version is obviously way better looking than the rest? Get your brains checked or at least your eyes, lol.

jetlian2487d ago

the 3ds version isnt the exact same game! plus its in 3d. I Already got ps2 and collection. unless 3ds has a whole lot changed its not worth it

Leviathan2487d ago

I just might buy this for my 3DS. Seems like it would look real good on a portable. I have to many games to play on my PS3 from last year yet...and I do have that 45 minute ride to work everyday....

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Colwyn2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

one of the most idiotic comparisons ever.
why dont we compare crysis pc ultra settings on a 100in screen to crysis on consoles on a 14inch screen take a picture and compare them

what about if someone could connect a 3ds to a 50inch hdtv and compare its mgs 3 to the mgs 3 hd collection on ps3

Baka-akaB2488d ago

except it's hardly idiotic in this case . The same compilation is coming on vita , and both the compilation and 3ds version are superior to the original , kinda obviously .

Make sense for those who cares to at least get a feel for it

Sgt_Slaughter2487d ago

Oh I know why he is mad! It's because the 3DS is in comparison with a Sony product.

Colwyn2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

you people that disagreed with me are correct. the 3ds version of mgs 3 looks the best. its worth buying the 3ds version with one game of mgs 3 for the same price as the hd versions on the ps3, psv, xbox with 3 different games. the 3ds version looks so good that we dont need psv, ps3 and xbox 360 because mgs 3 is the pinnacle of great graphics this was such a waste for the developers to do an hd upgrade when they could have just release the superior 3ds version. i love laughing at people who gets upset over the truth or logic. lol

Gohadouken2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

This was not was your point was about so stop twisting it . You dug yourself into the hole on your own .

the comparison was about showcasing how much better the 3ds version looks or it had had any kind of flaws . You wanted to call that rather logic reason as silly , and got the disagrees you deserved in the process .

As you said best , logic indeed

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CarlitoBrigante2488d ago

PS3 version is the best, MGS needs to be played on a PlayStation. Btw, For the price of MGS3D, I can buy HD Collection and get 5 games

firefoxprime2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Fanboyism at its finest.

See, this is a lil different from the FFXIII arguements. Since MGS SnakeEater is an 8 year old game. The differences in quality/control between the 3 consoles are quite visible.

While FFXIII on 360 has *rummored* diminished the overall quality of said title. Basically dumbing an jrpg on an american console(which is primarily for shooters, racing, sports games).

Remember...Sony doesnt own Konami, heh, first MG was on a Nintendo console, if memory serves.

I could get it from my PS3 or my 3DS. Personal opinion of choice really.

Solid_Snake372487d ago

@firefoxprime Metal Gear Solid will always be associated to the Playstation. There's nothing fanboy about it, deal with it.

Gohadouken2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

er the first mg game was on msx actually , technically a microsoft console . And the nes/famicom version was a crappy port of it

ziggurcat2487d ago

@ firefoxprime

actually, it's not "rummored" - the X360 version of FFXIII is at a lower/sub HD resolution as compared to the PS3 version in the exact same way that GTA IV/red dead redemption is at a lower/sub HD resolution on the PS3 as compared to the X360 versions.

it's because FFXIII was ported to the X360 just as GTA IV/red dead redemption was ported to the PS3, which generally diminishes the overall quality.

DeathAvengers2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

@Solid_Snake37   Associated doesn't mean best. He, without playing all versions of the game, said PS3 version IS the best. Btw MGS doesn't need to be played on a playstation, or else it wouldn't be on any other platform, fanboy.

CarlitoBrigante2487d ago

I'm not talking bout MG, I'm talking bout MGS, it was born on the PlayStation and will ALWAYS be associated with PlayStation, little ports and spinoffs like MGS3D and MG Rising can't change anything to this fact.

Wait when Kojima(PS3 fanboy) comes and announces MGS5 for the PS4

Pushagree2487d ago

Ps3 is easily the best version. They actually retextured MGs3 back to front for that game. 3DS is just a port with low quality 3d.

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StraightPath2488d ago

3DS version looks the best.

mcstorm2487d ago

It will play better with the circle pad if the new res is anything to go by. I like the way the 3ds is for games like mario 3d and mario kart 7 but the circle pad makes the 3ds fit and feel better for games like res and mgs.

I cant wait to get hold of the mgs on the 3ds as this is the only mgs game i have not played.

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PirateThom2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I don't even think MGS3 is the highlight of the HD Collection, Peace Walker is due to the ability to use a second stick for the camera.

Also, paying the same price for one game instead of 3?

ronin4life2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

With the 3ds being cheaper and not requiring mem cards, I think it more then evens out.
@thom below
But those aren't portable.
And you wouldn't be buying either system for just one game either.

PirateThom2488d ago

Or, you know, PS3 or 360 version...

jony_dols2488d ago

@ronin4life :

But the MGS HD Collection is coming to the PS Vita. So in fact it is portable.

Baka-akaB2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I just dont agree with the relevance of the the memory card in the argument , he's talking about the cost of buying one game vs its compilation . Espeically with the compil coming to an handheld console

What's more relevant would be the changes brought by the 3ds version , and if its worth more than said compilation

ronin4life2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I know. That was the version I was talking about.
And @thom I'm referring to those who would like a portable mgs, but not a vita.
If you have both(systems), then the hd collection is the better value package.
I wasn't trying to make an argument or decisive case one way or the other, just setting up some extra points to think about. ^_^;

Also, something tells me that there may be more to the 3d ver. That has been kept secret.

Baka-akaB2488d ago

Doubt they'd waste time hiding features for a remake . They'd rather actually convince people on the fence

Hicken2487d ago

"And @thom I'm referring to those who would like a portable mgs, but not a vita."

So, in other words, you're tailoring your comment so that the ONLY choice that makes sense is the one you prefer? If people want a portable MGS, but not a Vita, there's obviously only one choice. If people want a portable MGS, then the better choice appears to be the Vita version.

And, as Baka mentioned, the memory card would be used for more than one game, thereby increasing the value.

Compare the Vita, a memory card, and the games to the 3DS and three games of the same price as MGS 3. I think that's more even than you'd like to admit. Additionally, if we're referring to people who already have a 3DS, then we have to compare that cost to people who already own a Vita; the question then arises of whether or not the price of a memory card should be included at all, as it will likely have already been bought, and as previously stated, will be used for more than just the one game.

ronin4life2487d ago

I think you guys are digging a little to deep here...
What you appear to not realise is that much of your comment mirrors my intended, but poorly delivered message.

My stance is, there will be people who are only able to buy the 3ds version, or perhaps the 3ds version is their only portable option(it's not like everyone will have a vita. And look at baka: he wants both!). The 3ds version is a perfectly worthy entry for these people, and is also a respectable port/remake. So it is a viable purchasing option, which is what I was trying to make a stance on against those who thought otherwise.

Now, if you have a vita or don't care to buy it portable, then the hd collection is the better value. Just because I personally want the 3ds version doesn't blind me to this truth.

Overall, I think I have been misunderstood through my own failure to communicate(and I'm pretty tired, so I may have failed again...). I apologize for causing unnecessary trouble

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Baka-akaB2488d ago

still you aint buying a memory card just for mgs hd ... it's cost would be divided over many more games

Parapraxis2487d ago

Apparently when deciding which portable platform is better for any multiplat game you have to add the cost of a memory card in for Vita every time...
Just like how when comparing PS3/360 games I always add the cost of one dualshock 3 in the factor for the PS3 version.

iMpuTeD2487d ago

Its the subsistence version of mgs 3 where you can control the camera like peace walker.

ProjectVulcan2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Minor changes. The game is essentially the same with a big res bump on the home consoles. I played MGS2 on PC about 7 years ago in 1200p though and i still have it. It looked pretty decent even at such a high resolution. So thats good news for these.

So that kinda removes one of the games for me. Although i would happily play 3 and peacewalker again.

GillHarrison2488d ago

The big difference is that MGS3D has Peace Walker/MGS4 style controls (Twin stick, third-person shooting.) I wish MGSHD would have waited and added these controls.

ProjectVulcan2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I think the camera changes for MGS3 were kind of more important because the environments lend themselves well to it- i never had difficulty with them but the camera could be a little 'high'. Subsistence fixed it and that is the version here so i assume it retains the camera controls?

GillHarrison2488d ago

The camera is fine, I more or less meant MGS3HD should have had the same shooting mechanics as in MGS3D.

ronin4life2488d ago

You can also walk while crouching in the 3ds version.
I have only ever played the psp demo(I don't remember what it was called), so I don't know exactly how it will change the gameplay.

wolokowoh2487d ago

@ronin4life You're Peace Walker. Its a sequel to MGS3.
@GillHarrison I prefer for the game to as true to the original as possible. Peace Walker was amazing and its controls were great but MGS3 is my favorite of the series and changing to a Peace Walker control style doesn't sound lie it improve anything.

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Bay2488d ago

I don't really like the extra color on snake's face in the 3DS version, however the texturing and higher polygonal count is definitely a lot nicer.

IMO the best one to me would be a mix of the 3DS and the HD collection one. The sharpness in the HD collection one is a big factor for me, but can use some more contrast.

Baka-akaB2488d ago

Well you can at least cheat for the constrast with tv settings ... while retaining the better sharpness and antialiasing .

HarvesterOSarow2488d ago

Looks good on all systems! :) I'll probably pick it up with the Vita collection because I have them all on ps2 already and would enjoy playing them on the go, but if I had a 3DS it would be a hard choice. Although I'd rather stay as close to the original as I can...I bet the 3DS will feel pretty refreshing for veterans though. Even if the slide-pad is whack.