Kohnke: 'We're Not Paying Anyone Off to Review Games'

As part of PR firm Kohnke's complaint against Gods & Heroes developer Perpetual Entertainment, the company claimed to have convinced "reviewers to write positive reviews about the game." This blunt wording caused many to question Kohnke's methods, and the company has responded to this claim by saying the verbiage was a typo.

"This was nothing more than a typo in the complaint," Kohnke VP Sean Kauppinen wrote to Shacknews. "The game was never released, so it should be clear we didn't mean 'reviews,' but 'previews.'"

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gamesR4fun3780d ago

Wow man love how these guys play it up like we dont know...
Whatever you paid off a reviewer you aint the first you wont be the last Just next time at least get the game out!

tk3779d ago

Busted - yet again...
So... The reviewers are for sale. It takes two to dance. The little fat asses with the hand held out for the gifts - otherwise bad review. Close those companies down. They are lying to the consumer. Let the publishers who got a bad deal - but who acted honestly - sue them for loss of income.... Just hope there are still some honest publishers out there...

Slayer OP3779d ago

Then how do you expplain gamespot and rachet at a 7.5?

DFresh3779d ago

MS paid off every reviewer to give Halo 3 perfect 10's and to make reviewers give Sony games low grades on purpose.
Halo 3 should of got a 6 at the most.
Hello, not in HD in 640P.
What's that?
Also the story was way too short,
Way too overhyped can't live up to what they promised at the end of the Trilogy.
What's with Game Spot giving Ratchet & Clank Future a 7.5 when everyone else gave it a 10.
They need to start getting better judges because this is confusing the consumer.