MVG: PlayStation Vita Hands On Second Impressions

As you may have read recently, Sony’s new handheld has been making appearances at all GAME and Gamestation stores in the UK. You might wonder why this article is a ‘second impression’; I actually had the privilege of playing with the Vita at the Eurogamer Expo last September in London. I didn’t get much play time with the device, but yesterday I made my way down to the town centre to get my mitts on the Vita at a local GAME store.

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tarbis2486d ago

Nice article. Loving my PSV now. I just can't wait for the U.S. PSN store to open and get some new games. =D

Undeadwolfy2486d ago

Thanks for the kind words. :)

Knight_Cid2486d ago

I like my japanese vita too. I am buying physical games for it

I want disgaea 3 the enhanced port bad.............

even though all the rpgs for vita are enhanced ports, its still alot for the first year and it bodes well for the future

Half-Mafia2486d ago

Does any1 know if i can put a protective film on the rear touch pad and still work. The reason i ask this is cause i dont like the shiny finish, i would rather like a matte protector on it.

Mikhail2486d ago

It will still work. Better put it immediately. It can easily scratch your vita.

Source: My friend has it.

tarbis2486d ago

The rear touch pad is also capacitive so you can put a protective film on it with no problems =)