The 1UP Show: Wii Fit, Burnout Paradise, and God of War: Chains of Olympus

1UP are nearly at the close of season seven, but they have still got some good stuff lined up before Team 1UP Show bids farewell for the holiday:

"First, we're feeling the burn -- Wii Fit is getting asses out of seats. Alpha mom Jennifer Tsao sits down with me and sk8r boi Jason Bertrand to work out with the Wii's latest trendy peripheral.

Then, wrapping up this week's kick-ass God of War PSP cover story is our own little khaki-clad Kratos -- Matt Leone -- and Mr. Bryan Intihar.

Finally, we're feeling a different burn -- this time thanks to an in-depth look at Burnout Paradise. Our resident terrible drivers and crash enthusiasts Shane Bettenhausen, Greg Ford, and Andrew 'Skip' Pfister kick the tires and light some fires to tell you all about why this open-world crashing and racing game could be one of the first best games of 2008."

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Violater3595d ago

Played GOW CoO demo and I have to say it looks amazing. I forgot I was playing a portable game.

Lifendz3595d ago

with the PSP. Most of it's games feel like console games. When I say they I may the gaming media. Me, I like the console game feel. Makes the PSP feel more epic than the competition. Can't wait for GOW chains of Olympus. Burnout Paradise is probably my first purchase in 08.

Lifendz3595d ago

looks much better on PS3 than 360. Much brighter and vivid. Guess Xbots will feel what it's like to get a port. Hope you PS3 owners support Burnout so devs can justify making PS3 the lead platform for their IPs.

wiizy3595d ago

wii fit is looking really interesting