id Software's Rage - Sales figures (All platforms)

According to the latest numbers from VGChartz, sales of id Software's Rage have reached 2.31 million copies on all platforms.

Rage on sale for PC, PS3, X360.

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Orpheus2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Doom3 took 5 years to develop.
Rage took 7 years to develop.

Doom 3 sold 2.2 million copies on PCs and 1.3 million on consoles; in total 3.5 million copies

Rage sold 2.3 million copies with all platforms combined.

On per copy basis PC is more profitable.

Hopefully Id learns the lesson, that even though multiplatform development in certain cases is more profitable than PC first development (MW3, GTA), it does not apply to developers who are used to developing hardcore PC games like Crytek and themselves.

Surely DICE did :-)

kevnb2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

i doubt they learnt anything. Cater to your fanbase, some devs should focus on console and some on pc. This is also vgchartz though, they are way off especially on pc. They dont even try to count dd, and even before dd they were always way low on pc games.

Solid_Snake372513d ago

Why is Vgchartz still up and running if SOPA gets through(and for the love of god, i pray it doesnt), i reaaally hope they take that thing down.

wicko2513d ago

Where are your numbers for Doom 3 coming from? Also you realize Rage has only been out for, what, 5 months now? 2.3 million is pretty good in 5 months.

kevnb2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

thats true, and i bet the pc version sold atleast double whats posted here despite some amd issues/bad press. But still, way more cost is associated to rage then a pc exclusive. Rage was on sale on steam over christmas, it probably sold over 8 thousand in the us alone that day.

Orpheus2512d ago

Wiki nd a lot others say Doom3 sold 3.5 million copies

Vgchartz says it sold 1.34 m copies on consoles.

There was no Doom3 for the PS2. You do the math

The point I am trying to make is that if ID had stuck with their old strategy of making games pc first and then porting them to consoles- the way they made doom3 -- which was a very fast selling game indeed-- they would have sold more, may be even on consoles.

Dice did , din't they with bf3 ???

wicko2512d ago

I don't think they would have, only because the major complaints weren't graphics related other than the game being broken for some users until it was patched (which id claim was out of their hand due to driver revisions, and I'm inclined to believe them). I think the majority of the complaints were the games structure, how linear it was and how old school some mechanics were, etc.

Larry L2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

You're comparing a new IP to DOOM? And a new IP in an age where everyone just bashes anything not even slightly perfect in their opinion, and other people who just adopt those people's opinions instead of forming their own.

I personally LOVE RAGE. I think it's a fantastic game. Is there constant texture pop-in for everything you move into your POV? YES. But that's a product of the Mega-Textures. They're meant to not fully load until you're looking at them, but they just load WAY too slow. It was a mistake, one they'll fix in their next game or not use mega-textures.

But regardless of that, in motion RAGE is fantastic, and I don't notice the texture loading unless I'm spending time pointing out that one flaw in the game. The gameplay and atmosphere of the game is absolutely fantastic. And going through every single sewer or hideout in the game, and all the online/splitscreen co-op mission bring me right back to that feeling I had going through levels of original DOOM and DOOM2. Something no modern game has really done since.

Honestly, due to internet bashing, I'm shocked RAGE has even sold this many copies. But I personally think it deserves way more. And I wish RAGE had gotten add-on DLC missions for the online/splitscreen co-op. Because it's SO much fun, and hadrcore, but there are only 8 or so mission on the disc. I wanted many more. Because of the internet bashing, they aren't going to bother with DLC though. Oh well. I just hope the gameplay of DOOM 4 is very much like RAGE and a bit less like DOOM 3. Though I liked DOOM 3, I honestly feel like "dungeons" in RAGE feel much more like a proper DOOM game al la DOOM-FinalDOOM, than DOOM 3 did.

cyborg472513d ago

Agreed! I liked RAGE for the same reason :)

Tyre2513d ago

Hell yeah, agreed. Rage looks and plays great and has it's own atmosphere and style. Although the texture pop-in is not that serious compared to..say Gears of War 1+2. People shouldn't overstate the pop-in cause is barely there. Sometimes u see it and it's minor. Gears of War 1+2 have horrible texture pop-in that are constantly present in the game especially the MP. Gears of War 3 has none so Epic fixed that good.

MWH2513d ago

you'll see many disagrees for the same obvious reason over and over again, but who gives the shit.

anyway, i'm with you on this one. i still can't reasonably understand what made them think to do things the way they did all of a sudden but i do hope id learned a good lesson from it.

i love consoles, i grew up with them but PC gaming is a total different experience that shoul never be underestimated or overlooked.

never turn your back on your roots id and unlike the disgraceful fanboyism that plagued the new generation of consoles gamers, you'll find that PC gamers are always willing to forgive and forget.


Somebody2513d ago

I love the PC and id's little stunt (Carmack have been saying the same thing year after year, like a mantra : PC is not their priority - we get it! Doesn't mean he should left us in the cold just like that)hasn't been well received by me. I've seen RAGE on the store shelves and have been tempted to try it out for months but since there have been only silence after the last couple of patches, I guess I'll have to wait a while longer. I really wanted to buy the game but I'm still hearing some problems with it. Hey, if Carmack decides that the PC is irrelevant then I'll consider buying his game the same...until it's properly patched out that is.

You are right, segamon. As a PC gamer I'm willing to forget and forgive but only if I have a good reason to do so. It'll only take a couple more patches for me to forgive id but I have yet to see them but I am hopeful. (It'll take more that for me to forgive Microsoft, though-they don't even want to be involved with Alan Wake's PC version, not even with a 30foot long pole...)

Persistantthug2513d ago

$19.11 to be exact.
Amazon. :)

I still haven't opened though...I've been too busy with Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 an some others.

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Zephol2513d ago

nice sales. But Doom 4 kick ass

kurochi2513d ago

got my copy for 11 bucks 2 months after release....... Nice profit for me....

FrigidDARKNESS2513d ago

These numbers can be dismiss from VGCHARTZ they're made up not legit.

2513d ago
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