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Charlie writes:

"I want the PS Vita on the exact day it comes out (22 February) and so do millions of other people around the world. And although I say this, the reality of it is… the PS Vita is nothing special. It’s just a handheld console like any other. So why do I still want it?"

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Colwyn2459d ago

its not special but amazing

ShinMaster2459d ago

I don't know.
It is one of the best dedicated handheld systems made to date. With a hi-res multi-touch screen, dual-analog sticks, some of the best graphics of any mobile device currently on the market and better yet, some of the greatest list of titles already announced

I'd say that's kinda special to me :)

Venox20082459d ago

at the moment I only want it for new Katamari game and Gravity daze and bioshock.. maybe later I will want it more if something will be announced games for my taste

Kran2459d ago

I hope people realize I'm not hating on the PS Vita at all. I am very very excited for the Vita and I already have money saved up for it.

dc12459d ago

Need to do a better job at attacking hits.. The "nothing special..but I will still want it" title is a financial contradiction to the very large majority as well as the fugal consumer (wither wealthy or not).

dc12459d ago

Darn..... forgive the typos in the above post as I sent it from my phone.

Blaine2459d ago

Can you explain to us exactly how the Vita is *not* special? "Just another handheld"?

How about the first handheld with dual analogs? Not to mention touch-screen and touch-pad, and the myriad of other input methods.

The Vita is anything but "just another handheld".

Baka-akaB2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

To each their own , the way i see it , it's the first handheld that can actually bring the home console experience truly .

People may have argued in the past that they dont need it , or that they are content with hanheld only specific content ... but the fact is they had no choice and say in the matter anyway , and had to settle for it , happy or not .

Now we have one handheld with potentially the best of both world in hands . It's up to devs to do the rest

Kran2459d ago

You make some great points there. I know there are some people who will think that home consoles are and should be for... homes.

So many people want the PS Vita to be something on the go, which in some aspects, it aint. So I hear anyway.

Razongunz2459d ago

true, alot of ppl have a ps3 for home use and then buy a 3ds/vita for on the go.

but i'm a bigger handheld fan than i am pc/console fan, pc and ps3/360 got great games and big TVs/monitors but what i love about handheld is to think that such a little and mobile piece of hardware can be this awesome and packed with features and tech, so when i play my handhelds i play them like a home console, i sit in my bed or sofa for hours..sometimes 10 hours straight if the game really catches my interests... i will allways play handhelds like this. I don't see them as portable gaming systems, i see them as tiny *handheld* home consoles and seeing the vita in action just blows my mind :)

MasterCornholio2459d ago

What I don't understand is why some people view being able to play console quality games on the go as a bad thing. Consoles and PCs have always provided the best experiences which is why I view it as a great thing if a handheld can play console quality games.

With what handheld games cost now a days gamers should demand more not less. And if they want bite sized games they might as well stick to a smart phone.


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