En Masse Firmly Rejects NCSoft’s Lawsuit Threatening the Launch of TERA

En Masse’s vice president of publishing Chris Lee issued a firm response to the lawsuit filed by NCsoft against the launch of TERA and reassured the game’s fans.

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ATi_Elite2507d ago

Lawsuit seems very VALID!

former NCSoft employees all of a sudden left NCSoft and went and formed Bluehole studios!

Not only did the former NCSoft employees leave with staplers, mice pads, and the coffee maker but they also took with them what appears to be something that very closely resembles the source code for a new Lineage game.

I hope the lawsuit is tossed out casue I'm really looking forward to Tera Online! It's gonna be another stellar FULL ACTION MMORPG!

PLUS the Castanic females are like the hottest characters ever.

denero12507d ago

im looking forward to it as well lets tag team lol