MeGamers - PlayStation Vita Review

A hand-held beauty you won’t put down.

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Razongunz2508d ago

great review man, really loving the PSV.

Colwyn2508d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

ps vita is a 10 because its the best handheld ever and its able to do all the same things as the handehelds before it and the current ones except 3d.

the ps vita is on course to succeed more than the psp and 3ds but ill get back to that.

some would say that the ps vita will be a failure because the psp failed which it didnt but was morely a triumphant test project for sony to take over the handeld market or be a force in it.

the psp has sold better than all nintendo systems except for the wii and ds and it is still being sold. the circumstances of psps lackluster sales when compared to the ds are becaue it wasnt hardcore enough because it lacked a second analog and it wasnt casual enough because it lacked a camera and a touch screen. the psp had a dev kit that was 3 times the price of a ds's and most of the smaller more casual games couldnt be ported to the psp because it lacked a touch screen like the ds and smart phones.

sony has corrected the negatives from the psp making the ps vita a bigger force which will lead it to sure success. cheaper dev kits so small dev teams can support it. powerful hardware with 2 analog sticks so bigger development teams can support it with AAA titles. it also has 3g for gaming and downloading on the go. 5 inch oled screen that is very beautiful to attract the hardcore. it can do everything the 3ds can do but better. if a dev decides to put a game on the 3ds, it surely can be ported to the vita but with better graphics and utilize more features.

here is what will definitely make the ps vita succeed over the 3ds if they are delivered and sony says they will:

call of duty
assasins creed
gran turismo
grand theft auto
ff 10
and many more

call of duty alone sold over 10million copies amaong hardcores within months of release and is on track to do more. most of the other games are million sellers that hardcore gamers loves and will save their lunch money to buy. another point is that hardcore gamers continuously buys games whereas casuals are content with a few which is a big indication why the why sales have dropped off over 80percent while xbox and ps3 sales are rising year on year. now because the wii cant sustain sales-wise nintendo is pushing to release the wii u because the wiis hardware is too weak for them to try to port multiplatform games to appeal to the hardcore that they had shunned.

the ps vita will succeed and all it needs are software which it will deliver. the 3ds cant support as many different type like the vita can. 3ds cant support multiplatform releases like call of duty that the hardcore will play. it can have its own call of duty title made specific but it wouldnt appeal to hardcore and casuals will hate it.

meetajhu2508d ago

was spamming agree on my iphone 4s and its not responding damn and finally did it. PSV is sure 10!

h311rais3r2507d ago

So it can't possibly have any flaws? Get off te bandwagon.

MasterCornholio2507d ago

While it does have its flaws it's still the best handheld ever created. Hopefully Nintendo takes some pointers from Sony and does an awesome job with the 3DS redesign.


Kurisu2508d ago

Not long to go now! :D

MariaHelFutura2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I'm buying it in June, when LBP releases for it. I might break down and buy it before then, but I'm gonna try to wait....

spongeboob2507d ago

Little Big Planet is a launch title so you better get your money ready because you might be picking one up is 3 weeks.

NellyNel_7_1_32507d ago

I might get it on my bday in april or in march... right now i just have it on preorder for $50...

MmaFan-Qc2507d ago

Sadly, LBP isnt a launch title.

xAlmostPro2508d ago

I got to play it today, once at gamestation while trading in my 360, messing about in the menus etc. Then again at 'PS Vita rooms' in glasgow.

It really is brilliant, looks great feels great. The amount of games on offer just from a preview event was insane.

Uncharted is awesome, although not quite on par with the ps3 counter parts you can tell this is a hardcore device graphically.

Littlebig planet & wipeout could easily pass for ps3 games too.

The game that suprised me most though was reality fighters(if that's the correct name). They had an AR card lying on the floor between two vitas, you take a picture of yourself and choose the 'reality' map then suddenly it's infront of your little vita window, what suprised me though was how smooth it was(although fairly basic as a game)

anyway this is comments for the article not my own review. Awesome review and i agree haha.

rezzah2507d ago

more like Feb 15th =p

MmaFan-Qc2507d ago

Day one?

fuck that, im buying it day -7(feb15)

gtxgamer22507d ago

Nahhh son. You gotta have a strategy. Bundles can be good. but feb 22nd, Wifi verson 250$, 16gb mc 50$ plus a few games. The only bundle i know of is vita with 4gb memory card with little deviants. and thats 350$

TooTall192507d ago

Getting a WiFi only, 32GB card, and a $30 game (still haven't decided which one) for about $350 after tax. Then I won't have to worry or complain about cost of memory.

I also got a large charge bank.

32GB is close to the size of the hard drive in my PS3.

Ethereal2507d ago

Got a hands on at Best Buy yesterday. I didn't think I could have been more excited for it, now I can hardly stand the wait. Yet again amazed at what PlayStation brings to the table. Going to be a great handheld.

TooTall192507d ago

Cool I didn't know they had a demo at retailers yet.

Ethereal2507d ago

Yup, should be receiving them this week. I hear all best buys and gamestops should have demo units for you to try. Seriously do yourself a favor and find one.