Gettin' Artsy: Interview with Nickelodeon Producer/Director, & Super iam8bit Artist Gabe Swarr

Last summer we reported on the Super iam8bit Art Show, which opened on August 11th in Los Angeles California. Since its initial inception in 2004, iam8bit Production’s retro videogame themed show has continued to increase in size and popularity and last year was even named “Best Art Show” by LA Weekly. The show features works from over 100 different artists, many of whom were included in the gorgeous, Super iam8bit coffee table book (available now on Amazon).

Last week we brought you the first of a 3-part series of interviews with some of the artists regarding their opinions on videogaming and the art world. Continuing this series, I now present to you our interview with the prolific Gabe Swarr.

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