Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gulf between Final Fantasy storytelling and Western tastes widens | G&M Review

Globe and Mail writes: "As brilliant as the fighting is, it may not be enough for players without a high tolerance for the innate inanities of Japanese RPGs. The genre’s one-dimensional characters and gooey dialogue are becoming increasingly difficult to stomach."

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MoreRPG2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

reserve for Ranma1
anyway im still gonna give this game a try
btw where are the Soul Calibur V reviews

Ranma12459d ago

This game is going to become the lowest rated NUMBERED FF game on metacritic (minus online games.

Check out metacritic if you dont believe me. I dont hate SE, i want them to read the reviews, i hope if anything good comes out of these reviews, its that SE goes back to the roots of FF

MoreRPG2459d ago

metacritic is a joke people shouldn't rely on metacritic to make a judgement about a game

C L O U D2458d ago

I see this guy on every XIII-2 article without fail hahaha

Redempteur2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

rofl this is getting boring ...the same guy in every thread saying the same nonsense with a bubble..
I know that everyone should be allowed freedom of speech but somethings i'm just wondering if we don't need a trolling policy here..

Bimkoblerutso2459d ago

I agree with him, with the caveat that Western developers are just as guilty of exploiting genre tropes.

The mainstream over there eats up androgyny, melodrama and flash, while the Western mainstream seems to be more enamored with military/space shooters starring quasi-homoerotic beefcakes as the main characters. People just need to keep in mind that this is "mainstream bullshit." Games like those don't grant leave to generalize the creative output of an entire region.

It just so happens that I don't respect or enjoy games from either side of the pond that forgo creativity and simply repackage plot devices and characters in an effort to maximize profit.

Grimhammer002459d ago

Yet, I in terms of entertainment dollars....the orient eats up western films even more than we do here!

So why doesn't that translate to gaming?

Stealth2k2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

"Gulf between Final Fantasy storytelling and Western tastes widens |"


is that why disgaea 4 got higher scores than skyrim in some sites?

Is that why dragon age 2, alpha protocol, risen 2, divinity bombed in the west?

Is that why atlus is bringing over gungir and growlanser IV? are they brigning it over because the west doesnt want them?

wicko2459d ago

That's your counter-argument? SOME sites liked Disgaea more than Skyrim? SOME western RPGs did poorly in the west? SOME japanese games are being localised?

Also did you not read? It clearly says, and you quoted, "Gulf between ****FINAL FANTASY**** storytelling and western tastes widens", emphasis on FINAL FANTASY.

Sorry, but FFXIII and now FFXIII-2 have really shown me that while the audience has matured, and story telling in gaming has matured, FF has not.

D3mons0ul2459d ago

Hahahaha, no

Don't waft this game's stink over the whole genre you stupid fucks.

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