Ace Combat 6 Screenshots of New Content

The Bitbag writes, "NamcoBandai Games has provided us with screenshots of the new planes available in the upcoming DLC. Included in the new DLC is the new [email protected] plane, complete with artwork."

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Texas GMR3510d ago

but those planes look [email protected]

Zhuk3510d ago

I am looking forward to getting this game as a Christmas present

Strife Lives3510d ago

I got it november 31st. And DLC ALREADY? ?

ASSASSYN 36o3510d ago

I think the DLC content sucks. You already have those planes. Who cares about skins when your moving at mach 2+. I want new dlc for the co-op missions.

Strife Lives3509d ago

Paying for skins seems retarded when it shouldve bn in there the in the 1st place.