Why Jill should be in Resident Evil 6

Rely on Horror: "Ms. Valentine is no stranger to city-wide viral outbreaks, having already survived the (T-Virus infected) hell that was Raccoon City. She was able to take down the deadly Nemesis as he obsessively pursued her throughout Raccoon City’s blood-ridden streets. And she’s also a survivor of the memorable mansion incident that paved the way for her to become one of the greatest female leads in gaming (as well as the Master of Unlocking). And how can we forget about her “blonde” moment in Resident Evil 5… So, what’s next for the beloved heroine?"

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RedDead2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Clair should be next though. Game's wise

RE1: Jill, chris
RE2: Leon, Clair
RE3: Jill
RE'CV: Clair, Chris
RE4: Leon
RE5: Chris, sheva, Jill
RE rev: Jill, Chris
RE6: Leon, Chris
RE7: .....

I get that she was in RE degeneration but still, needs another game. Damn there's alot of chris wanking. Jill needs some and Clair too.

Tanir2511d ago

exactly my thoughts.


Venox20082511d ago

Jill and Claire should be here, they are two my favs

StifflerK2511d ago

Claire is overdue a comeback - she hasn't been a main character in a game for a while.

I'd like to see more of the other characters also - Barry , Rebecca , Billy , Carlos , Hunk etc...

HarryMasonHerpderp2511d ago

carlos is waaaay underrated and i thought
billy was a cool character too,did we ever
find out why he was arrested? i forgot haven`t
played zero in years.

StifflerK2511d ago

If I remember correctly , Billy was in a special army unit operating in Africa .

They were on a mission which involved attacking a terrorist settlement - but Billy finds out that the village is full of innocent people and doesn't want to do it.

So his commanding officer goes ahead with the mission - but pins all the blame on Billy - saying he went crazy + has him arrested.

PamPoovey2511d ago

In my opinion Chris should of not been used in RE6, they've over used him over the years. If they wanted to tell two characters stories then it should of been Leon and Claire/Ada/Rebbeca/Barry...... .to be honest someone who hasn't been in action for a while. The whole point they had Leon in the even games (2,4,6) was so Chris/Jill would be in the odd games, kind of like their telling two stories, the STARS story and then Leons story.

Pozzle2510d ago

IDK I kinda like seeing Chris again, since it would be interesting to see how he reacts to another zombie breakout now that Wesker is dead. I kinda feel bad for the guy - he hunts down Wesker and Umbrella for 10 years, both the company and Wesker are now dead, yet he STILL has to deal with zombie breakouts. Poor guy never catches a break.

PamPoovey2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Yeah but in a way you would of saw Chris's reaction if they kept him for RE7 for whatever horror he would of had to face.

The whole point is to see seperate stories of the characters in this game, since Chris and Leon have established themselfs as the two biggest characters it's obviously those two. Chris has been featured in RE5, Revelations, Mecenaries 3DS and now RE6......this should of been a Leon focused story, it's his turn.