Why the Vita Will Beat Out the 3DS

With a launch date less than a month away, not much has been reported about the PS Vita. Many consumers are still unaware of the device and it's capabilities, even though it has already launched in Japan. Now, Sony's latest handheld is available to play in all Gamestation and GAME stores across the UK. Letting the general public get a hands on experience prior to launch may have been a wise move on Sony's part, but will this be what is needed to finally stir up some emotion over the Vita?

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Shok2512d ago

In sales? No.

1) Monster Hunter 4 is coming to the 3DS.
2) The 3DS is now at a 15 million+ headstart.
3) Nintendo franchises have more mass-market appeal (Pokemon, Mario)
4) The 3DS has potential install base as many DSs were sold (150 million +)
5) The 3DS is $80 cheaper. The typical consumer would find that very attractive.
6)The Vita's games are more expensive, not to mention the expensive memory cards. A Vita with 1 game and a memory card is well over $300.

Just facts.

Buzz7S2512d ago

Nintendo will always have something over the competition when it comes to handhelds and sales.

In terms of what the console can do, while the 3DS is amazing, the PS Vita is already a step above with 3G and WiFi connectivity. If the 3DS could implement both of these in their next revision (it will happen, track record says so), then it will be hard to separate them both.

Besides, with all the homebrew crap the PSP has, these will eventually make their way to the PS Vita, making it an easier buy for many people.

Shok2512d ago

Yep. I agree, the Vita can do so much more than the 3DS. Add in the future custom firmware, and it'll be amazing.

Thing is, the typical consumer doesn't care for these features the Vita has. I couldn't imagine a random person buying the 3G version of a Vita, when they're already paying for a data plan on their smartphone. I only see the core Sony gamer buying the 3G model so they can game online 24/7.

The 3DS has less features, but they're features that are more appealing to the mass market. That's the problem here.

Ilovetheps42512d ago

Well see, that's the issue. the 3G model of the PSP can't play games online using 3G making that feature completely worthless. I don't understand why they would make it that way. I was considering buying the 3G version of the Vita, but now I am just going to get the wifi version and will tether it to my phone which WILL allow me to play games online.

GribbleGrunger2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

this is stupid. 3DS has 15 million sales and the Vita just released. we have no idea what software will come for the 3DS in the coming years. it may happen, you never know, but it's too early to call

the headline is deliberately courting hits. the article claims nothing of what the headline suggests. instead it just states the strength of the Vita. poor

Akiba962511d ago

Why is Shok getting disagrees? He didn't bash either the 3ds or the Vita; he only stated why he thinks the vita won't overtake the 3ds.

Anyway, ya the 3ds is gonna outsell the Vita by alot, but I will personally be picking up the Vita..

MmaFan-Qc2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

..its not like if Monster Hunter wont be on Vita.

..and thats a fact.

MaxXAttaxX2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

1) PSP had like 3 Monster Hunter games. What makes you think PS Vita won't get any? It's only a matter of time. And the fanbase will be waiting. <- Fact? Don't think so.

2) 3) 4) 5) Head start/mass appeal/install base/price. You're speaking of numbers/sales and reworded the statement three times.

How many more times are people gonna keep using the words "TYPICAL CONSUMER" to make their argument? Who is the typical consumer?
The average gamer(not necessarily hardcore). That's your typical consumer.
The only casual appealing feature the 3DS has that the Vita doesn't is the 3D screen. If you fall for that.

6) Both 3DS and PS Vita games are $40.

Facts? lol

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moparful992512d ago

The 3ds is only 80 dollars cheaper because nintendo was forced to drop it.. The abysmal sales forced their hand, if not for the price drop and a few good games coming out b4 christmas the 3ds would still be dead in the water...

just facts.

Shok2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Does it matter WHY it's $80 cheaper? No, all that matters is that IT IS.

Abysmal sales? The 3DS's first week sales were just shy of 400,000. In comparison, the DS first week sales were 460,000, so really, the 3DS sales weren't that bad at all.

And even if they were, it doesn't matter. You say "if" when all that matters is the reality, and that's that the 3DS is doing extremely well. It's selling faster than the Wii and DS did.

Buzz7S2512d ago


It kinda does matter. They dropped the price because of poor sales. Yeah, first week sales were outstanding, but it just dropped after that and continued to drop.

Anyway, what's done is done. They learnt a hard lesson.

pandaboy2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Even if we do care why the sales dropped off for the 3DS after launch, it can be attributed to the system having no games at the time. Now, as Shok said, all that matters is that it is cheaper from the consumer perspective.

Everything Shok has said in is correct, it's just you SDF guys have this blind fanaticism that compels you to deny the facts in your face. Just look at the disagrees already.

dark-hollow2512d ago

the 3ds on launch in the same country and in the same period and with the same price sold better than the vita.

Just facts.

Qdog2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I just have to ask... Have any of you guys or gals preaching the merits of the 3DS actually played a Vita? Have you actually seen the unit in person, picked it up in your hands, and played some of the games it has? I imported mine last December and have had time for the initial luster to wear's still amazing and beautiful when compared to other technology. It theoretically has around 10x the rendering capability of the 3DS and around 4x the muti-tasking capabilities. All due respect I was an early adopter of the 3DS... my mistake and one I regret making. When the Vita officially launches in the US, not only will it play Vita games (I'm excited to play Ninja Gaiden again as I've beat Uncharted numerous times), but also all of the digitally released PSP games on that beautiful OLED screen, up-scaled with a smoothing filter. I have seen it in action and it's not just a straight no-frills emulation like the 3DS has, first it actually scales to the full screen, no black bars on the sides like the 3DS emulation of DS games, and it really adds a new shine to old PSP games. My question is though, have you even played the Vita yet?

ronin4life2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

But it doesn't matter now, as price is no longer a barrier for potential buyers. The old price won't affect those who choose to buy a 3ds now.
And if you are commenting on the effect of life long sales the pre drop price may have on the 3ds, I don't think this is much of an issue either, as Nintendo has already caught up to their unit sales forecast (and then some).
No. I don't have much interest in the currently displayed software, or the upcoming games either.(I also don't get out much)
To me, those hardware features simply don't matter, as they only showcase the PSV's potential. The 3ds, being a year ahead, is already realizing it's potential; it has a good library of games and a promising list of upcoming titles for the entire year to come.

I also want to state that I don't think the 3ds is worth buying over the vita for everyone. I just don't like seeing the 3ds unfairly trampled in discussions like this, as it is a great system with great games. Just trying to even the odds a little. ^_^

Qdog2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

@ ronin4life

Hey thanks for the reply. Fair enough that your not interested in the Vita, but since you have played the 3DS and most of these guys and gals on here have played the 3DS, you all owe it to yourself to make an educated assertion by also playing the Vita. Dont sell yourself and your opinion short, find a demo unit and try it. I remember waiting months for the 3DS eStore, and the web browser to become available while I played what few launch games there were (they were okay but in my opinion not the best) and I stopped caring about the 3DS when I found out it would address my biggest complaint (no second analogue) via a peripheral. I had no problems viewing the 3D feature and didnt understand what people were talking about when addressing nausea and headaches. I suppose every single person in here if they are NOT a fanboy or fangirl will at least be open minded/objective about trying the Vita, trust me it has alot to offer and I have yet to see any gaming portable do what Uncharted has done. Even Revelations is pretty confined and closed off in comparison. 3DS is not a bad platform, but you said that those potential features dont matter, well when you see games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss running on a portable it becomes evident that it does matter. At least for the sake of argument try the Vita before you knock it or compare it. To those whom sales matter most, wait for it to release worldwide before you push your valid assumptions as facts. Just letting all my 3DS friends try the Vita out, has sold them completely on either a Vita preorder or buying the Vita as soon as it becomes available.

@ Logic

You are the type of person I was referencing when saying that only fanboys werent interested in trying the unit out in order to give valid information. Who are you? A market analyst perhaps? What makes your opinion so much more important than mine? Especially since both of us are very small parts of the mass market that you reference. I was open in my discussion and if you read into the "wait until the vita releases section" you'll see that I was very much on topic. I respect that you have your own agenda...which is pretty obvious by the way you talk, but my agenda is furthering the gaming community you selfish prick. At least I've owned both handhelds and played them both...which makes my argument sound, that you should at least try it objectively before knocking it. Seriously who are you to imply what facets of the topic I can and cannot discuss?

LOGICWINS2512d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

@Qdog- What does anything you said have to do with the argument at hand? We are all speculating how Vita will do SALESWISE in comparison to the 3DS.

No one cares about YOUR experience with Vita or how disappointed YOU were by the 3DS. This argument is about the mass market...not YOU personally.

I don't need to play Vita in order to use common sense to predict that Vita will NOT outsell the 3DS.

"Who are you? A market analyst perhaps? What makes your opinion so much more important than mine?"

I don't need to be a market analyst to know that the next IPAD will be among the best selling, if not THE best selling tablet of the year worldwide.

I don't need to be a market analyst to understand that a $250 price point for a portable gaming console is an unattractive price point in this economy(regardless of what features it has).

I don't need to eat dog crap to understand that theres a 99.9% chance that I won't like it.

Qdog, when you wake up from this delusional world you live in where common sense and deductive reasoning does not exist, THEN we will have a normal conversation.

Qdog2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

@ delusional? HAHAHA... Thank you so much much for making my day full of laughter and smiles. I hope you enjoy your day as well....

pandaboy2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

logic wins just pwnd Qdog...

Qdog: "At least I've owned both handhelds and played them both...which makes my argument sound."

lmao! An argument is sound if and only if it is both valid, and all of its premises are actually true. It has nothing to do with your personal preference. Most of your argument is actually just straw man nonsense escaping the initial argument of console sales.

IRetrouk2511d ago

logic the price point is fine, everyone loved the price at e3, i payed the same price for my 3ds i dont get the sudden turn around, either way your loss.

ZoyosJD2511d ago

@logic Do you even realize the potential that the Vita has with the mass market of FPS players in the USA. A COD title that looks like a console version could sell millions of units.

@Q Don't waste your time here. Keep showing off that VITA to people who haven't already made up their mind. Let the people know that there are other options that are worth looking into.

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Razongunz2512d ago

truem, but the chances that the vita gets a MH aswell are pretty big, + the vita is coming out with persona 4, FFX and alot more to come. as for the game appeals it totally depends, you can't say the majority of the world likes mario and pokemon, there are alot of fanbase for the man ps vita games to come aswell.

and then its the obvious...the vita crushes the 3ds in power, anyone who like tech or feels that tech is important will deffinantly choose vita over 3ds,

i do have a 3ds and i love the games on there, but i'm still getting a PSV and alot of games for that one,

Squatch832512d ago

''you can't say the majority of the world likes mario and pokemon, ''

As those are the 2 biggest selling game series ever, you can safely say the majority of the gaming world DO like those games.

TacoTaru2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Nintendo's big price cut on the too expensive 3DS will leave smart consumers wary of buying the Vita. If people (not the gaming junkies that hang here) thought the 3DS was too expensive they will believe the same of the Vita.

My prediction - the Vita will have a great first few days of sales as all the committed feed there tech hunger, followed by a big drop in sales, just like in Japan.

GribbleGrunger2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

that's not a prediction. that is obvious. here's a prediction for you: i predict that every single game that releases on the 3DS will sell more in they're first few days and then drop rapidly from that point on. i'll throw in software sales for PS3, 360, PSP and any other games machine, just to up the ante

in fact i'll start a site dedicated to this very prediction. all i'd have to do is have the generic headline: 'game sees slump' and then cut and paste at random just for the hell of it.

X-Alchemist2512d ago

Shok talks sense, that's the simple reality of it and it's hilarious to see some fanboys deny what's clearly apparent. Nonetheless, Vita is looking pretty good but I'm still concerned about the memory card pricing...

LOGICWINS2512d ago

The fact that Shok's first comment got so many disagrees represents the simple reality of what type of people dwell on N4G. Might sound crazy to some, but I think the conversations/arguments on this site would be a lot more civilized if, idk, the majority of people here made SENSE.

mcstorm2512d ago

Shok i agree with you that the 3ds will sell better than the psv. Yes the psv is more powerful can have custom firmware and offers more but this was the same as the psp and ds.

Nintendo have the righ mix of games for everyone and this is the reason why the ds out sold the psp. It will be the same with the 3ds and psv. If you compare some of the games on both consoles. Mario Kart 7 vs mod nation racers. Mario 3ds vs lbp for example they are all very good games but both nintendo games will sell more consoles than the two sony games.

Sony will have some core games that people will want lime uc ect but the core market is small compared to the none core and this is where nintendo have the hold over both sony and microsoft.

I have the 3ds with the circle pad and i am very impressed with the console it is alot better than i though it was going to be as i was not a fan of the ds. I am also looking forward to the psv as i was a big fan of the psp.

Lyr1c2511d ago

3DS games aren't cheaper.

On average, they're about tied. Not to mention that the Vita's games are 20-40% cheaper if bought off of the PS Store.

Other than that, the rest of your points are solid.

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insomnium22512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Beat out the 3DS? Why should it? Who cares about something like that really outside haters?

Optical_Matrix2512d ago

I'm not sure how possible that is lol Sony left the Vita's launch too late. 3DS now has a 15 million unit head start, at nearly half the price the PS Vita is. It also has at least 4 killer apps and PS Vita arguably, only has one. 3DS is selling extremely well and Pokemon, Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter 4 haven't even released on the thing yet.

I doubt PS Vita will catch up to 3DS, though it'd be great if it did. If anything it needs to do as well as or surpass the PSP in sales. The DS destroyed the PSP in sales, yet the PSP was still successful. Vita, again, doesn't need to beat the DS in sales to be a success. What it does need, is must have games.

Half-Mafia2511d ago

15m head start, why does that even matter. This is not like the PS3 vs 360 where they can both play the same games. But cause of the 10m head start the 360 had, the PS3 whole generation took a big hit.

A Vita game wouldnt beable to run on a 3DS. But a 3DS can easily be put on the Vita.

Dac2u2511d ago

Why does it matter? Because the title of this post is: "Why the Vita Will Beat Out the 3DS"

People were saying the same thing about the PS3 and 360, so it is comparable.

Horny2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Vita can be a success without beating out the 3ds. Nintendo has a wider audience with the 3ds, its a lot more child friendly when it comes to games and simpler.
Vita is aimed at hardcore gamers and people that are more into technology.
The 3ds is also far easier to market.

KonaBro2512d ago

Fanboys are so caught up in the most units sold they they don't realize that things can still be a success. The PSP is behind the NDS in sales but it has sold over 70 million units. I'd hardly classify that as a "failure".

bahabeast2512d ago

i dnt think it will sell more than the ds simply because people buy nintendo electronics for kids, the vita is moe a handheld grown people will buy for themselves. kids always win