Premortem: Ninja Gaiden 3

I offer speculation and opinion on potential problems I see for a particular as-of-writing unreleased game. The objective of this piece is not to officially declare a title's doom as the dramatic nature of the title would suggest, but rather to raise warning flags on aspects of the title which seem like they could potentially hinder the overall experience upon final release. If nothing else, these flags are raised to get the developer’s attention and that of the gaming community at large with the hope of provoking conversation on the points addressed herein.

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Raider692459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Great article!NG3 is going to be a piece of crap wend comparing it to any other NG title!The other weapons will come has a DLC to rip off consumers!

Grimhammer002459d ago

I swear the wiki stated ng3 has co-op in addition to mp.

But only the dragon sword is madness. Everything else pales as potential issues in the shadow of no weapon rack for primary weapons. What are they thinking?

You know, Itagaki must be smiling. He wasn't a fan of tecmo taking his baby and changing this or that. And for awhile it looked like maybe Itagaki was wrong. But like many genius devs, he saw what was coming well in advance.

I hope they don't sell weapons as dlc. That'd would really be the ultimate insult to fans.

NSG2458d ago

I think all of the points listed herein would help to make Ninja Gaiden 3 a great game, especially with the rising popularity of multiplayer. If that's not addressed then it'll be hard for them to build much of an online community to add to replay value.

Tdmd2458d ago

I'll miss playing with nunchakus...

DrunkDan2458d ago

Fantastic article, and very well written.

Some excellent points, especially those involving multiplayer.