Steam Mobile: Not Quite Ready for Primetime

GameSpy: Steam Mobile is still a bit rough around the edges. There is, however, tons of potential in this app. Download queuing alone would make it a game-changer, and -- with a few tweaks to chat, profile, and activity functionality -- I could see it taking on much the same role in my life as the Facebook mobile app, but for games.

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Megaton2512d ago

It's in an invite-only beta stage. What exactly were you expecting?

atticus142512d ago

yeah this is pretty funny

Beta product not ready for primetime, orly?

Brownghost2512d ago

I like it and it's very convenient and useful

_Aarix_2512d ago

I swear they make an article for anything now-a-days.

closnyc2512d ago

i think its genius. Works so well, imagine when its ready. Right now its fully loaded. It really is convenient, and once this kicks off bye bye stupid facebook

Pikajew2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I got into the beta :)

Its still in beta and hasn't been updated yet, you have to give it time to get better
When you get in you get an extra beta key for a friend