First Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII-2


I recently received my review copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PlayStation 3. After playing Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy installment for about two hours, I have been able to form a pretty solid opinion about things that I find to be improvements, and aspects that I do not like about the game. I will attempt to delineate these without giving away any storyline elements that were not present in the downloadable demo.

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MAiKU2459d ago

I loved the soundtrack except for some of the battle songs, like the poster mentioned, they did not really fit in. And some of the wording was really weird in a way.

mcstorm2459d ago

Im going to pick this game up but im going to wait a few months for the price to drop as i paid full price for the last game and did not enjoy it one bit. I hope this game is better but ive not really enjoyed a ff games since 8 and because of this im not going to pay £40 for another ff game until im impressed with the game again.