Final Fantasy XIII-2 You’re Our Only Hope

Today the question on the table is whether or not the Final Fantasy name has transcended the games themselves and why they are no longer the main stream games they once were. Or are they?

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ElliePage2512d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is our only hope.

We already know FF13 & FF13-2 are shit.

Godmars2902512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Versus is the only legitimate true hope. XIII-2 success - in the West - just means that the franchise will become something similar to the Star Wars prequels.

And telling people not to expect a FF game does not help people accept that XIII-2 is a FF game. Just a poor use of logic there.

KeybladeMaster2512d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the game most fans have their hope in.

People thinking XIII-2 is their only hope are people who are spending money on that game thinking that the game will be completely different than XIII.

Outside_ofthe_Box2512d ago

Versus 13 just looks like it'll be a good FF game. Once I saw the short gameplay for that game I was sold. I will not doubt it until I have a reason to.

abcd2512d ago

Only hope? A FF with real time combat and shooter elements?

My hope is a FF with Sakaguchi + Kitase + Ito + Uematsu + Amano.

My hope is FF XV or Lost Odyssey 2.

But I respect your opinion.

KeybladeMaster2512d ago

You do understand that Nomura (the guy directing Final Fantasy Versus XIII (XV)) is the one who helped make Final Fantasy what it is today? He has helped with story elements for Final Fantasy VII all the way up to Final Fantasy X. He has also designed all the characters between all those games and he has also directed Square's other big franchise: Kingdom Hearts.

So yeah...

Outside_ofthe_Box2512d ago

And people say that those that dislike FF13 are not open to change LAMO!

abcd2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

My favorite FF is FF VI.

I like more Amano`s caracter design than Nomura.

I like a lot of jrpgs series like FF, persona, tales of, xenosaga, chrono, shadow hearts, grandia, star ocean, etc... but I don't like Kingdom Hearts series.

Yes, he has helped with story elements for Final Fantasy VII but the original concept was made by Sakaguchi.

So I'm not a big fan of Nomura. It's my opinion.

JetP06192512d ago

yes an ff with real time combat and shooter elements. what that means? a game that plays like kingdom hearts with metal gear solid/uncharted/gears elements. seems like a win-win to me and dont forget the one directing it and actually making it is SQUARE ENIX'S LAST TALENT WHICH IS TETSUYA NOMURA, though i agree that itll be better with sakaguchi and uematsu.

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Magnus2512d ago

A week of sales will tell wether FF13-2 will be a great game or a bad game. I am not holding my breath for FFVS13 because SquareEnix is taking their sweet ass time with that game. And after looking at the ending of FF13-2 and I am not going to wreck it it shows FFVS13 maybe pushed back even more.

KeybladeMaster2512d ago

I didn't know sales determined the quality of a game. That's news to me.

wolokowoh2512d ago

I have to agree. The sales of a sequel are only going to reflect what people thought of the original. If you hated FF13, you're not going to buy FF13-2. If you just liked it a little, you're waiting for the price to hit $20 or lower. If you just loved it, you already have it preorder or are getting it as soon as you can. There's some sweet spot for a minority of people where a slew of amazing reviews might compel them to get it but most have already made up their minds.

Hicken2512d ago

I think most of the hate XIII-2 has garnered is from people who didn't like XIII. They will dislike it regardless, instead of basing the game on its own merits.

Where the game has continued from its predecessor, they will see "the same old crap," and where the game has improved, they will see "nothing has changed."

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