XboxAddict: MX vs. ATV Untamed Review

XboxAddict writes "MX vs. ATV Untamed is an incredible improvement over its brothers and sisters that got released in the past. Any true motocross or off-road fan will gladly welcome this "next-gen" experience. With great new multiplayer modes and all the technical improvements to this game. THQ/Rainbow Studios has listened to the community, and delivered. Well done!"

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gamesblow3845d ago

I got the demo for PSN and it was unplayable... I played 5 min of it and it was just terrible. Pop up everywhere. The graphics were lame... I thought it was a ps2 game. A luanch ps2 game at that. I liked how the ATv's controlled.. I thought that's how they should play out in Motorstorm ,cause they are way too stiff and truck like in motorstorm... but yeah, the game as a whole was just awful.

Omegasyde3844d ago

After playing titles like Motorstorm and Dirt, this game looks very bland. The textures look like crud and there was large amount of popup. I do like the open sandbox aproach but did the graphics really have to suffer so much from using that method? Also the crashed and physics looked really wack.

Then again it was a demo but I do hope the actual game has alot more attention to detail in the graphics. This would of been a awesome game 1 year ago since it graphics dated.

TheXgamerLive3843d ago

It's not a game I'll buy until I rent the finished product and try it but It looks pretty good. Good job so far.

I've gotta say it does play extremely smooth on the Xbox 360.