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If you are not aware of the Final Fantasy franchise, it is best to start with Final Fantasy VII and work your way through to the latest version. Guaranteed to be some of the grandest adventures in the world of gaming, the latest version of the epic series comes off as a great improvement from its predecessor. Loyal fans of the game series are already aware of the formula applied to all Final Fantasy games. Like its predecessors, this Japanese RPG cleverly illustrates the grim situations of a world faced with potential destruction.

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iamlegend99992513d ago

Everyone is giving this game a great score. Can't wait to play it

Stealth2k2513d ago

the game is mostly gett ing 8 or above which is good

ElliePage2513d ago

Which will be even funnier after people play it and think it's just as shitty as FF13 (implying they have taste and don't actually like shitty RPGs).