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Not the vastly different experience we might have expected, but no less welcome as a result. XIII-2 comes recommended for those who didn’t get enough from the last game – those who were unconvinced are going to remain just that.

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Ranma12515d ago ShowReplies(1)
KeybladeMaster2515d ago

It's pretty obvious that anyone that tries to hate on this game gets flamed by the XIII fans (yes that what I am dubbing them). If you don't like it you're not a fan of Final Fantasy and if you do like it then you're a real fan of the series. That's the thought process I am seeing among the XIII fans. I just want a great Final Fantasy game. How is that a bad thing?

iamtehpwn2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

I don't think it makes you less of a Final Fantasy fan to not like XIII or any final fantasy. I do think it makes you more of a troll to talk about how bad you think a game you haven't played is on thread you get the chance with reiterated opinions.

Outside_ofthe_Box2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Why should I play a game that I know is bad?

I don't want to give SE sales. FF13-2 is obviously a bad game. FF13-2 never had the chance to be good because it's a sequel to a bad game. And these reviews are proving just that. Yeah I know that an 8 is a good score technically, but most games get 8s and 7s nowadays. If a game gets a 6 it's usually because it has bugs or it's just plain horrible. Plus when you take into consideration that previous FF games were rated much higher it further proves that FF13-2 is steps back from previous titles.

But carry on with your blind defending.

Godmars2902515d ago

Can you explain to me how someone who liked the game and is looking forward to XIII-2 is any worse than a "troll?"

By this I mean someone who only sees and promotes positives towards the game to the point that anyone who who so questions their opinion, much less presents a negative one, automatically becomes a troll.

I get that people like the game and I didn't, that my disinterests towards XIII has turned me off XIII-2 for the reason that it ties directly to it, but I don't get why my opinion has become less than someone else's. That only positive opinion is the only acceptable one as "trolls" - former Square fans who once religiously bought Square games - vocally state that they're closing their wallets and sales in Japan notably fall.

Capt-FuzzyPants2515d ago

@ Godmars

The FF13-2 bashers aren't automatically trolls when they post on an article telling us how bad it is. They become trolls when they come to every single article and say the same thing every time like Ranma1 has been doing for the past 2 months. I'm pretty sure you did the same thing when the game was first announced but youve done it less now and I dont think you're a troll anymore because you dont do it consistently anymore.

Reborn2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

No, it's just Ranma that gets the blatant negativity. He has nothing constructive to say. Why on earth would you post in so many topics, just to reword the same incoherent nonsense?

Some like it, some don't. That's fine.. then it comes down to. Some explain why they don't like it, like people usually do. And some debate it with them. Which is no problem. You can't debate with Ranma. Which in turn brings out what you described as XII Fans.

PshycoNinja2515d ago

I agree with KeybladeMaster on this one. While I know that "XIII fans" think I just troll and blindly hate XIII-2 that is not true. I was very burned on XIII. I value story and gameplay in a Final Fantasy game and after getting very excited about XIII and playing it I was left with a very unsatisfying and empty feeling. It was a bad game. It took a while for me to accept it but I did. I stood in line for 5 hours to get the game at midnight and paid full price for the game. Imagine how much I felt hosed when I finally beat the game...

When the XIII-2 demo came out I gave the game another chance. It was more of the same. And now with the reviews coming out saying that the game is only 20-30 hours long and the story is really bad, I can't help but feel let down again. I refuse to be fooled into buying another game like XIII. I just want gamers for once to stand up to Square and say "No! We as fans will not accept this." and the only way they listen is if they don't sell many copies of the game. Japan has already sent the message to Square will the rest of the world follow?

Sprudling2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Why is it so important for people like you to broadcast to everyone that you don't like something? I bet you can't rationalize that even to yourself.

And when you say "We as fans will not accept this" it's just obvious that you're trolling, because even you know that lots of people like both 13 and the 13-2 demo. Sucks for you that you're not among them. Or perhaps you prefer hating?

PshycoNinja2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Since when is it not okay for someone to comment on something they don't like? Oh right, only when people are "hating" on something you like right?

And since when has a few people on this site liking XIII mean most fans like this game? As I recall back when I was here on N4G in 2010 (and many other forums) a lot of fans were upset with XIII. A LOT. We are talking about pretty much everyone on this site and other gaming sites. Don't try and spin this on me. I just didn't flip flop to the other side and buy into Square's marketing.

I am sorry I have an opinion that you don't like. Want to talk about it?

And it sucks I don't want to waste my time and money? I guess. Listen we all have different opinions. That is just human nature. I don't go and blindly hate on people and their opinions. But I have every right to not like a product I played. I played XIII and the XIII-2 demo. You have the right to disagree, but to resort to calling me a troll and a hater crosses the line. I am just telling people my experience with Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 in a XIII-2 related article. That is my rationalization. What's yours for trying to insult me and other fans of the Final Fantasy series?

Hicken2515d ago

Since when has a few people on this site disliking XIII mean most fans did the same? As I recall back before the game came out a lot of people were excited for this game. A LOT. Same game before it came out that it was WHEN it came out, so what happened?

Lots of people like it. Lots of people dislike it. That's it. I find the characters, at the very least, to be more enjoyable than most games, including the "king of rpgs, FFVII."

But you're treated the same around here for not loving VII as you are for liking XIII/XIII-2: something must be wrong with you, or you're new to FF, or you don't know what real JRPGs are, or a hundred other stupid ideas.