Destructoid Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

What really made Final Fantasy XIII-2 an enjoyable game was that Square Enix brought the fun back. They brought back some the inventiveness, creativity, humor and uniqueness that we sorely missed in Final Fantasy XIII. Maybe this game tries to do a bit too much, and it's probably too late to dig this story out of the hole that it's in, but it was made with a heaping dollop of that undeniable charm that we loved in the older series games, and that goes a long way towards making it enjoyable.

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killerhog2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Really destructoid an '8' really!? And you guys wonder why we hate ya!!? Effing destructoid, you guys take a sh*t and die!

Lol, I'll let people guess whether I'm referring to the score being generous (too high) or too low. Ah fanboys/trolls, they can be vicious.

Good read though, seems this game is more about preference, as the dislike/likes can be similar or vary and can be either a downer to some or great to others.

RedDead2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

What? Edit--- Oic..

Shockingly Destructoid where one of the few sites with balls big enough to give FFXIII the score it deserved, 4/10

Getting an 8 of them is a big plus to me.

Oh wait, Author was different. But at least confirms didn't like FFXIII very much

ReservoirDog3162512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Haha, well, the general consensus is it's an 8 game. But it seems lacking in what I look for in a game. Pass until I catch it somewhere for ~$15. If that.

thorstein2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Looks like someone told the Destructoid team and they hit this en force. 14+ disagrees for anyone who criticizes their crappy site and the fatass: Jim Sterling.

Farsendor12512d ago

wouldn't the correct term be ff critics instead of fanboys?

haven't played the game myself but im going into it with a low excitement level considering how ff13 turned out.

killerhog2512d ago

That's always the best way to approach/play a game. Helps build up the moments. Shouldn't hype games from the very worse to the best, it kills your expectation or feel.

thorstein2512d ago

I just clicked on the N4G so I could vote Destructoid down. They are pathetic.

thorstein2511d ago

(It is nice to see the entire Destructoid team just voted me down. Thanks, I know I am getting to you.)

Explain: Jim Sterling explains it all.

MAiKU2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Ah so now we're getting some optimistic reviews. although it is destructoid...

Tanir2512d ago

so because some people are enjoying something they are wrong? the opinion of a person who actually played and beat a game is wrong compared to a person who never touched the game......

right.......idiots. I love how you guys comment on a game you hate instead of a game you enjoy. guys are that damn bored. go play some COD or some Skyrim

-Mika-2512d ago

Everypost i read of yours. I agree with 100%. I seriously don't know why you have 1 bubble.

killerhog22512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

And I 'seriously' do not know how you still have 3 bubbles after reading your recent comments.

Lol, side note: it seems mostly all FF fans have 1 bubble, let's bring mika's bubbles to one, muahahaha.

Nah, guys don't be cruel I'm only teasing

Farsendor12512d ago

maybe because no one was commenting on how bad or good ff13-2 is was an off topic comment

Outside_ofthe_Box2512d ago

The funny thing is there are people that are praising the game and haven't even touched it...


BillytheAlien2512d ago


These FF13 fans moan on about how it's the same people hating on FF13-2 when it's the same people defending the crap out of it.

They think that because most people can't be arsed to comment on the FF13 articles anymore that they are the majority and more people like the game. Thats probably how Tanir got a weel said bubble so fast even though he's actually a troll. I mean look at this

"right.......idiots. I love how you guys comment on a game you hate instead of a game you enjoy. guys are that damn bored. go play some COD or some Skyrim "

I see people saying possitive things about the games they love all the time, it's just because FF13 is actually a crap game thats why most of the comments are negative they're just stating the truth because we've played FF13 at least we have a taste of what FF13-2 is going to be like, I mean they look and play the same.

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