TGH: NFL Blitz Review

TGH Writes: "The crack of the spine, the crunch of the tackle, the grunt on the field as the ball is hiked, the announcer shouting ‘They Are On Fire!’; these great aspects can only come from one franchise, NFL Blitz. It is one of the game franchises that has held up well over the years, and continually reminds us of our childhood. The sheer fun factor, and smashing of the bodies, has been etched in our head ever since. Wanting dearly for them to bring it back, we were ecstatic when it was announced fir PSN in vain of NBA Jam: On Fire. Does the new age Blitz live up to the legacy of the franchise, or is it out of bounds?"

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Rob9462513d ago

Game looks fun. Might actually buy it seeing as it's quite cheap.

killerhog2513d ago

eh you gotta think long-term, will EA shut the servers down after a year? also it's not 100% like the original, it doesnt allow late hits like the original. it also really doesnt have the feel. i know some journalist said it does, but to me at least it doesnt.