ModNation Racers: Road Trip - Gameplay Video writes:

"Now we come to Modnation Racers: Road Trip. On the PS Vita can be extremely innovative design levels. Unfortunately, already announced that there will be no online mode. Nor was the editor in the demo still not there. The game is already in itself but a very good impression. See for yourself"

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Colwyn2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

FLIPPING AMAZING. this is what quality is. although someone had a lightsaber above the screen, you can tell how amazing the game is. normally you cant see other handhelds properly with offscreen videos but the vitas screen is so nice that you still can see it in bad lighting.

day one. thank you sony for releasing a quality device with an amazing launch lineup of games.

knifefight2482d ago

I agree, it's got good looks.
Sadly, for a ModNation Racer game, no online play = no buy from Knifefight :/

remanutd552482d ago

it will happen , i put Erich on the spot and gave him very good reasons for them to include h2h multiplayer and the mistake they were doing without it and he gave me the kind of answer i was looking for , at least for now until they announce the online patch

remanutd552482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

no head to head online multiplayer races no buy , San Diego Studio know what the community wants by now so its up to them to make it happen , i dont care if the game doesnt come out with H2H from day 1 but if they announce they will patch it as soon as they can then i will get it on feb 15th

SoapShoes2482d ago

Geeze, people can't enjoy a great game that will give them endless content just because of one feature. I will never understand how gamers became such crybabies. -_-

remanutd552482d ago

i do in other games like God of War for example ( it doesnt need anymore than an EPIC story ) but little games like Modnation ( kart racing / or any racing game for that matter ) or shooter games that their single player campaigns are nothing to be proud of then yes i need that online multiplayer to have a go at $30 - $60 , im not crying , im just demanding something that should be basic on a game like this ( heck even the psp version with all sort of lacking psn full integration had H2H online races ) why not the vita? whats the hold up ? anyways i think they will add it just like they added rumble to the ds3 controller , video side on the psn and trophies , the community wanted those features the community got them.

spok222482d ago

from what ive read, im sure theyll announce h2h for this. Might give this game a try since ive heard nothing but good about the ps3 version. I need something to tide me over till lbp vita comes out. :)