Gamespot: Top Spin 3 Impressions

In the relatively small world of tennis games, the Top Spin series has carved its niche as a realistic but playable interpretation of the sport. However, as the last game hit the Xbox 360 near the beginning of the console's life cycle, fans have been waiting nearly two years for a bona fide sequel. 2K Games is going to answer those calls with a game that aims to take advantage of the graphical and technological advancements that have occurred in the meantime. Gamespot got to take a first look at the game on the Xbox 360 ahead of its release in early 2008, when it will also be hitting the Wii and PlayStation 3 for the first time.

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green3595d ago

Top Spin has always been a most buy for me.Will definately be getting this.

Gamingisfornerds3595d ago

Although the Top Spin franchise leaves a lot to be desired imo, it's still the only tennis game with such gameplay depth and control.

I just always feel the atmosphere lacks somewhat. For instance, I wish they'd add 'live' commentary. Some might find that annoying, but it's the same with the Fifa franchise for instance. The commentary can become annoying and repetitive, but if you'd leave it out, you'd miss it.

Either way, can't wait to see some gameplay footage.

jinn3594d ago

no matter how realistic the game is, it will always be a boring old tennis game