Tomb Raider Underworld 10 shots gallery

After today's earlier low-res pictures, here's as many Tomb Raider Underworld screenshots as you could find in PLAY magazine. This is no scans, just that some of them are a little too small..

How do you lke them?

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aceman73812d ago

Uncharted is better than any Tomb Raider game will be.

Grassroots3812d ago

lol, first thing I thought when I saw the screen shoots, your replaced by Drake, sorry. haha

Ares843812d ago

I love Tomb Raider more than any game!! I love the first three the most!! And Tomb Raider 3 is may favorite. I just can't wait for this new title!

squelchy153812d ago

uncharted looks like a rip off of tomb raider

okcomputer3812d ago

halo looks like a rip off of doom

lonestarmt3812d ago

another lame attempt by someone who prob never played uncharted to cut down on it,because their afraid the one console to rule them all, just might not rule after all.

do you even remember tomb raider? all the switch pulling? all the jumping to some place you can't see and dying and having to redo the whole puzzle again? or the tank movemnt? do you remember how bad angle of darkness was?? it was great for its time, but its been updated and almost prefected now on uncharted.

I would say that legend was actually pretty good on back on track and had really good puzzles, but uncharted blew it out of the water with gunplay and art direction and level design.

iceice1233812d ago

It is already looking better than Unwanted: Drakes flop.

gamesblow3812d ago

Uncharted is at 400,000 world wide in sales... It just released in U.K. last week. How is this a flop again? It'll go on to sell well over a million, Terry. That's no flop.

e-ray3812d ago

How does Icewake still have 5 bubbles? Unbelievable. The only stuff I see from him is fanboyism.

Uncharted looks better at this point, hopefully TR will look better towards its release.

Ju3812d ago

Drake outsold both CoD4 and AC last week as the best selling PS3 title on a global scale (173k units sold).

Fototherapist3812d ago

but I think Uncharted's screen shots looked better than Tomb Raider's.

squelchy153812d ago

made me laugh

+bubbles for you

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The story is too old to be commented.