GameSpot: Final Fantasy XIII-2 review

GameSpot: Final Fantasy XIII-2 doesn't capture Lightning in a bottle, but it's still a fun and heartfelt role-playing adventure.

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Ranma12430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Ouch, since when did an FF game 7.5 from Gamespot?

SE has taken the FF series to new lows. Why cant SE just go back to roots of FF and use the formula's that worked? Good stories and strategic gameplay e.t.c

If it isnt broken dont fix it !

Gohadouken2429d ago

Since when does a FF fan even cares about Gspot's opinions or most of those sites ? especially when it's trendy to nitpick jrpgs these days , and when Gspot or ign are mostly trend followers ?

Stealth2k2429d ago

its because japanese rpgs are so much better than western ones insecurity has reached all time high this gen

Gohadouken2429d ago

He's even pathetic enough to quote CVG of all places lol . Can't wait for IGN's score to arrive and him to sink that low .

CarlitoBrigante2429d ago

Its not like they're pickin on Jrpgs, its SE that makes unworthy games that are called Jrpg by people like you who pretend to be FF fans.

SE destroyed the franchise, this game needs all the internets hate

Drake1172429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I guess people are finally getting tired of watching he-shes, crybabies, and 12 year olds save the world. And no Stealth, jrps are just getting worse.

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NewMonday2429d ago

those disappointed with FF13-2 should support NiNuKuni

Julie2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I will buy Ni No Kuni day 1! i am so happy ! i can't wait :)

Biggest2429d ago

I'm buying both the minute they're available to me.

thedude442429d ago

a 7.5 is a great score for a game, chill.

kevnb2429d ago

By gamespot standards no its not.

specialguest2429d ago

By FF standards, that's an all time low.

Aloren2429d ago

"gamespot standards" are not as low as you seem to think.

They usually rate 5 points lower than others, with a 68 average. So yeah, 7.5 on gamespot is not that bad...

Mykky2429d ago

It got a higher score than Zelda Skyward Sword! I'm so getting this!
/s (Getting it though)

I can seriously not trust Gamespot anymore..

Blasphemy2429d ago

They rate games high they are getting paid for reviews...they rate games low now you can't trust them... I see.

CarlitoBrigante2429d ago

Nobopdy asked u to trust them, and this got the same score as Zelda. The problem is, Zelda sucked too. It was too western. Windwaker was the last good Zelda game.

This didnt the same score as Zelda, Zelda is more like an 8-8.5 and FF13-2 is more like a 6.5

reviewers should not be afraid to punish a game

Mykky2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

My comment was pretty stupid as my point did not come out as it should. My point was that Gamespot hands out weird scores these days that don't communicate with my or other peoples opinions. That does not mean they are wrong with the score as it is their opinion but it does not really communicate with what other people think as it should. (I may be wrong though)
Does they also mean this is just as good as Zelda because it got the same score? I feel like their scores are all over the place..

"Zelda sucked too" ? They should not be afraid to punish the game indeed but Gamespot had silly reasons for giving Zelda 7.5/10. I can name them if you like but since it seems you know so much about Skyward you probably already know what I mean.
"Nobopdy asked u to trust them" No, but you are supposed to trust them right?

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Outside_ofthe_Box2429d ago

LAMO 7.5?

I can't wait for Final Fantasy 13-3!

iWishTifaWasReal2429d ago

i heard in the end of FFXIII-2
it says "To be Continued"

meaning there could be FFXIII-3

didn't Square Enix register FFXIII-3 domain?

so this is what Square Enix meant by making FF like COD where they could release an FF game every year.

GraveLord2429d ago

Do these low scores turn you on?

brodychet2429d ago

Once I saw leveling up monsters you can catch, My interest for this game quadrupled .

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Hawkhunter122430d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Well deserved score.

No, you know what? Give XIII-2 at least a 5/10 and THEN it'll be a well deserved score. From there, with all dear hope, Square will finally realize that continuing the XIII series is a big waste of time and effort and realize that Versus XIII is a bigger priority than developing another sequel.

abcd2429d ago

"Caius is a fantastic villain"

FF XIII-2 >>> FF XIII confirmed

KingOptimus7772429d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dark112429d ago

ok Square back to Versus XIII NOW!!

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