Introducing Snipers, Hydravision's First PlayStation Move Compatible Multiplayer Shooter

Announced last May amid a triptych of PlayStation Move compatible products by BigBen Interactive, Snipers is silently approaching its release date. And yet, we know very little about it. What gives? Time to shed some light on the first PlayStation Move compatible shooter of 2012.

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Starbucks_Fan2124d ago


NiKK_4192124d ago

Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not...I think it might be. hmmm...

YodaCracker2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

I guess Kinect support is reserved for actual known and quality titles like Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport, EA sports games, all future Tom Clancy games, etc.

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killerhog2125d ago

Yup, nice, a full on slow paste camping game. I'll pass

dooge2125d ago

Interesting, I've never played a game that was "slow paste" before.

Is it like some kind of sticky goo?

nyobzoo2125d ago

so with that scope attachment maybe we can have the Silent Scope series for PSN?

Studio-YaMi2125d ago

Graphics on this game looks like...urgh !
but I wont knock it till I try it at least..

Gonna be fun holding that sniper rifle attachment for the PSMove.

admiralthrawn872125d ago

trying to imitate bf3 art direction?

ZBlacktt2125d ago

Base Sniper camping action! Could be fun, move, camp, move camp.

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